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Dashlane Chronicle – Tips for Choosing Electronics

At its core, Dashlane is a password manager that can be used to automatically fill in the username and passwords for you … but it's more than that. Used in conjunction with a browser add-on, the application can be used to automatically fill in all kinds of information online.

Dashlane can fill out forms, generate passwords, determine the strength of each password, securely store private notes and financial information, and also search for weak, reused or compromised passwords. There is even the possibility to quickly and easily change passwords deemed too weak or found to be included in a data breach.

The safe can also be used to store receipts for your online purchases, your credit and debit card details, copies of IDs and more – and all you store in the app is saved in the cloud. Other convenient features include an integrated VPN that can be used to browse the web anonymously, helping to further improve your online security.

Here we review Dashlane Premium, but it should be noted that there is also a version of the program that costs nothing. The free version of Dashlane has certain limitations, including lack of synchronization, password sharing being limited to five accounts, and there is no VPN feature.

User experience

Many people who turn to Dashlane will already use their web browser – or another application – to manage their passwords. As such, it is great to see that there is the possibility to import data from browsers, files and alternative programs to avoid having to re-enter everything manually. In use, Dashlane integrates seamlessly with other software, so it is very intuitive and a pleasantly polite experience. A few clicks are enough to fill out long forms online.

Since this is such a feature-rich application, it is good to see that there is a boot tutorial that gives you the opportunity to try many of Dashlane's options. This not only helps familiarize users with how things work, but also highlights features that might otherwise be ignored.

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