Darksiders Genesis gets PC and console release date

A release date for Darksiders Genesis, a spinoff developed by Airship Syndicate, has been set. THQ Nordic has just announced that fans of the series can now plan to play games on PC. Unfortunately, THQ Nordic announced that console gamers must wait until next year to use Darksiders Genesis.

According to the publisher, the PC and Google Stadia versions of Darksiders Genesis will be released on December 5, 2019, while the console version will be released on Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2020. The PC version of the game is now available for preorder. Buy it on Steam for $ 30 / € 30.

Although this is a spin-off of the most popular trilogy, Dark Blood still features the debut of the fourth and last cavalry STRIFE, and they can work together for the first time in Dark Blood. Fights his brother and comrade in war.

However, Genesis is not only the first Darksiders game to offer a two-player collaboration model, but also the first top-down action adventure game in the history of the Darksiders franchise. Solo players will be able to instantly switch between STRIFE and WAR using STRIFE’s ranged and WAR melee-style attacks.

Both characters in the game can build a special attack meter that, when activated, will temporarily turn them into a giant creature, leaving epic destructive power when they wake up. It sounds exciting, but we don’t believe it until we see it.

The good news is that with Valve’s “Remote Play Together” feature, you only need to make a copy of the game to play Darksiders Genesis with your friends. The only requirement is to participate in the Steam Client Beta.

Remember that once connected, the game is as if each player’s controller is plugged directly into the computer, but if your friends want to use this control method, you will be able to share control of the keyboard and mouse.

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