[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 2018 - German cars "cheap"

[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 2018 – German cars “cheap”

All 7 seats of Tiguan 2018 are covered with relatively high-quality leather, embossed still looking very “kind” and very smooth. Black is dominant in the interior compartment, but the version I experience is embellished with red stitching. The 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace is the only car in the segment featuring ErgoActive front-row massage with two levels. Although the ability to “fight” of seats Tiguan can not be compared with Mercedes seats but it is also very useful if you often go far.

The rear spoiler can adjust both wind and temperature levels, below is a 12V port and a USB port

Of course, one of the customers’ concerns for the new generation Tiguan is its interior space. The Allspace version has a 11.7 cm more wheelbase than the regular version, long enough to own the third row, while still having a 57% larger storage space than the older generation. It is a consequence of the move to the MQB platform more widely than the PQ46 platform of the previous generation. The storage compartment when folding the two rear seats up to 1,775 liters, when folding the third row is 700 liters and if you build the third row, you still have up to 230 liters, enough to accommodate several middle suitcase break.

When setting up all 3 rows of seats, the storage compartment is still large enough to place a bucket of water vertically

Legroom and headroom on the front of the two front seats are also very comfortable, very few Vietnamese people are big enough to feel cramped when driving or sitting in the second row of Tiguan. However, for me, the Tiguan Allspace, even with its long wheelbase configuration, is just a CUV 5 + 2 rather than a 7-seater. See how my colleague is “happy” as he sits in row 3, noting that row 2 can recline his seat, slide up and down, and is being adjusted for me to sit comfortably.

The uncomfortable posture of my colleague

Knees were touched, legs were folded quite a lot

His head also touched the ceiling, even though he was only 1m65 tall

In terms of safety equipment, Volkswagen Tiguan owns all what consumers want. It is ABS anti-lock braking system, support emergency braking force BA, anti-ASR acceleration, ESC electronic body stability, Auto-Hold parking brake, support horizontal departure, system Start / Stop engine interrupt system, ISOFIX child safety seat connection system, front seat airbags, front seat side airbags and curtain airbags, tire pressure warning helps detect tire sprays when traveling at high speed on a freeway.

The experience is really worth the money

Volkswagen Vietnam has chosen a very interesting route for us with the Tiguan. The road from Hanoi to Mu Cang Chai – Sa Pa – Lao Cai has a total distance of over 800 km, full of roads, from highways, steep passes, dirt roads to the inner city. This is a road that many people prefer to run often, so this journey is really a comprehensive review for the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 2018.

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Tiguan Allspace uses a 2.0-liter turbocharged TSI engine producing 180 horsepower at 3,940 – 6,000 rpm and torque of 320Nm / 1,500 – 3,940 rpm. Achieving maximum power and maximum torque at such low speeds helps the car to be fast in the city and still able to accelerate well on the road because maximum torque is maintained up to the speed. 3,940 rpm. In Comfort mode, the throttle feel is quite soft enough to make you feel less startled by stepping on the throttle too much.

Tiguan’s EA888 engine uses a special “Buddack Cycle”, different from the Otto cycle that most internal combustion engines use. This is the first Volkswagen model to use this combustion cycle. If you care a little bit about car engineering, you most likely know the Miller Cycle. Put simply, the Miller engine reduces the compression ratio by opening the intake valve a little longer, allowing the piston to partially push the air inside the combustion chamber back to the intake manifold. That means the piston will use less energy during compression, simply because there is less air in the combustion chamber. Because of the reduced compression ratio, the Miller or Buddack engines produce less power than the Otto engines, but are more fuel efficient. The only difference between the Miller and Buddack cycles is that Millner opens the intake valve longer, while Buddack closes the intake valve earlier.

The reason that the intake valve can open earlier is thanks to a locking system at the camshaft, which allows two cam lug systems with different shapes to switch back and forth depending on how you step on the accelerator. If you pedal slowly, the cam lugs system allows the valve to close early to operate, putting the engine in the most economical mode possible. If you step on the accelerator pedal or switch to Sport mode, ECU will activate the standard cam system, helping the engine generate maximum power. The way the EA888 engine works is similar to Honda’s VTEC system, except that VTEC changes based on engine rpm, while Volkswagen engine changes with the accelerator.

The Noi Bai – Lao Cai Expressway is an appropriate place to evaluate the long-distance ability of the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 2018. At 100 km / h, the engine rpm is only 1,800 rpm, relatively good. The soundproofing ability of this CUV model is also in the top of the segment, the sound of wind is almost not flowing into the cabin and the sound of tires is also very small, although the road is quite bad. Switch to Sport mode, the steering wheel is more compact, the engine reaches higher revs and the accelerator pedal is also more compact. However, the feeling of the steering wheel is almost none – this is the minus point of anyone who likes to drive but is a plus for those who like smoothness.

As soon as our group arrived in Nghia Lo Town, the steepest way up Mu Cang Chai began. Still in Sport mode, I was able to pass the car in rare straight lines thanks to the smooth and efficient 8-speed DSG gearbox. When I was on the highway, I tried shifting continuously from 6 to 7 and 6, which was extremely impressive as no one in the car felt that I was playing with two gearshift paddles! It can be said that the smoothness of gear changes is an absolute advantage of the dual-clutch gearbox. As for the pass, the gearbox did not hesitate to go to level 1 and 2 so that I could pass the car.

After 1 hour, we arrived at the landing zone even though Mu Cang Chai. The scenery here is really worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. Sunset light covered the valley flooded with yellow rice, far away was a roof looming in the smoke of upland burning, ethnic people were throwing rice, eagerly gathered the full grain of grain. Our team stops here until the sun turns out and then back to Mu Cang Chai EcoLodge to rest, do not forget to enjoy delicious salmon and sturgeon specialties.

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace has officially been sold in Vietnam since July 2018

The journey of the next day was from Mu Cang Chai to Sapa and I had the opportunity to experience the second row. The high sitting position, the back of the chair reclined comfortably and the wide window frame made me extremely comfortable. However, Tiguan in Vietnam is not equipped with a sunroof, instead of two storage compartments on the ceiling. Try plugging the USB cord, the charging speed of the rear seat USB drive is also very fast.

When my colleague repeatedly drove left and right to cross the pass, the back seat was not too thrown. Another plus point in terms of operation of Tiguan 2018 is the downhill support function very effectively. We didn’t even have to use the brakes when going downhill 12 degrees, the engine block of the Tiguan motor could hold itself back! Of course, to do that, it must reach 3000 rpm rev / min to have enough force to grip, a bit more gasoline. When running at night, the LED system is also very efficient with the ability to “glance” very quickly.

The only thing we regret during this trip is not watching the sunset at the top of O Quy Ho because the weather is not supported. Ending the journey more than 800 km, the fuel consumption figure of Tiguan 2018 is only 6.9 liters / 100 with 70% of highways, 30% of mountain roads. This is a very impressive figure for a CUV 5 + 2.


There is a reason Vietnamese people are “crazy” about German cars. This is where the first car was born and in modern times, Germany is also the focus of the global car industry. Volkswagen Tiguan gives the experience commensurate with the expectations of a German car. It has an efficient engine block, smooth transmission, reliable 4-wheel drive system and excellent machining quality. Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace is really a bargain in the CUV segment under 2 billion.

Score: 8.5 / 10


– Excellent performance
– The engine is powerful, smooth and extremely economical
– The cheapest imported German car model on the market


– The third row seats are not as wide as expected
– Brand is not strong in Vietnam
– The dealer network is not much, inconvenient for maintenance and repair

Vi Phạm (Tuoitrethudo)


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