[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] Toyota Yaris 1.5G 2019 - More modern, more secure
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[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] Toyota Yaris 1.5G 2019 – More modern, more secure

Toyota Yaris 1.5G is equipped with a start / stop button, Optitron dashboard with blue backlight and parameters are clearly displayed. Urethane plastic steering wheel and has buttons to increase or decrease the volume and change the display mode. However, the feel of this steering wheel is not very good because the plastic rimmed steering wheel is still lacking in softness and the central cladding is hard plastic that is stamped with rough leather.

In the middle of the dashboard is a 7-inch touch screen that comes with a relatively “Pioneer” disc player. This Pioneer, combined with a 6-speaker sound system, provides a good audio experience in the B-segment hatchback segment. has a nicer interface than the Honda Jazz screen and of course is much better than the tiny screen of the Ford Fiesta.

The entire seat is upholstered in relatively soft beige leather and both the seat and the back of the seat are perforated. This is a plus point of Yaris because Honda Jazz is only equipped with felt seats and Ford Fiesta is a leather seat with no vent. The rear seat of the Yaris has been redesigned with the seat back reclining 25˚, an increase of 2˚ compared to the previous version. This design creates a more comfortable feeling for the occupants.

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This significant change creates more space between the thighs and the torso of the passenger, effectively reducing the pressure on the abdomen, helping to form a more comfortable sitting posture. In addition, the seat cushions with a new design to optimize pressure distribution, bring the trip more relaxing than ever. However, other parts of the cabin compartment are only made from hard plastic. Another omission is that the 2019 Yaris does not have rear air vents, although this is a “common difficulty” for small cars of the same segment.

In terms of safety equipment, Toyota Yaris is now confident with the best models in the segment. This hatchback is equipped with up to 7 airbags, including the driver’s knee airbag. Active safety systems include ABS, ABS, EBD, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, VSC, Electronic Stability Control (TCS) , rear parking assist sensor. Although the car is not equipped with a reversing camera, customers can easily add it.


Actually, I did not set too much expectations when I tried the Yaris 2019. Having experienced many Yaris 2 and 3 models, so even if I did not hold the steering wheel of the 2019 Yaris, I could somewhat imagine its experience. As such, the more realistic question is how the Yaris of today experiences different from the two main rivals: Honda Jazz and Ford Fiesta.

Under the hood of Toyota Yaris 1.5G 2019 is still 2NR-FBE petrol engine block with 4 cylinders in line 16 dual cam valves integrated with Dual VTT-i technology, familiar electronic fuel injection. This 4-cylinder engine produces 107 bhp of maximum power at 6000 rpm and 140 Nm of peak torque at 4200 rpm. The average fuel consumption of the car as announced by the manufacturer is 5.9 liters / 100km of mixed roads. The car has a 42-liter fuel tank, more than enough to serve the needs of city and road travel. Compared to previous versions, the most noticeable improvement of this engine block is … a nicer engine cover! Accompanying this engine is the familiar CVT gearbox, a gearbox that is not excellent nor too bad.

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The clock cluster has a simple and intuitive interface

The feeling of driving a Toyota Vios 1.5G can be encapsulated in 2 words: lightness. The 4-cylinder engine block works very smoothly in most situations, unless you step on the throttle. Combined with CVT gearbox, this engine block feels very “gentle, emotional”. However, the throttle response is quite late. I tried N, kicked fast and accelerated but from the moment my foot lifted off the pedal, it took half a second for the engine to react. The electric power steering is also very gentle, easy to turn around but in return, it hardly gives any sense of the road surface.

“Adjustable” seats but very smooth

One unnecessary minus point: the USB floating port is in the storage compartment and if you want to connect to the phone, you have to extend it like this

The “bouncing” when accelerating the Yaris can not be compared with the Jazz and Fiesta because the engine gives lower power (107 horsepower compared to 118 and 125 horsepower). In the trio mentioned above, Ford Fiesta for the most interesting experience because of the powerful 1.0L turbocharged engine and 6-speed dual clutch gearbox. However, once someone has chosen a Toyota car, “driving feeling” is not a top priority for them.

Nobody wants to turn off the VSC with the Yaris!

My experience in the backseat is also quite good. The two outside seats have very smooth backrest, headroom and ample leg room. The middle seat position is also quite comfortable because the legroom is not occupied by the middle mound. Unfortunately, Vios 2019 does not have rear air vents. Moreover, the Toyota Yaris is no longer the most spacious model in the segment since the appearance of the Honda Jazz.


The Toyota Yaris has always been itself: spacious, smooth and with good brand power, leading to consistently good sales and especially very price-keeping. Those are the traditional strengths of Toyota models, especially in Vietnam, a conservative car market and many prejudices. However, if the Yaris wallet is taking slow, deliberate steps, its rivals are running a marathon. Both the Honda Jazz and Ford Fiesta are models that deserve to be selected and have their own customer segments, but the Yaris will most likely retain its B-class hatchback sales. Simply because it is a Toyota.

Score: 7/10


– More safety equipment than the old version
– New design
– Comfortable and spacious interior


– Higher selling price than competitors
– Ability to operate worse than the opponent
– No air conditioning rear door

Vi Phạm (Tuoitrethudo)


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