[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] The trendy BMW 5-Series 2019 has arrived and is about to launch Vietnamese customers

[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] The trendy BMW 5-Series 2019 has arrived and is about to launch Vietnamese customers

As the most advanced version, 540i is also subject to the highest operating costs, the luxury sedan has a fuel consumption of up to 7.1 liters / 100km, accompanied by emissions of 164 g / km. Meanwhile, the BMW 530e 2019 generates only 46 g / km as mentioned above, and the hybrid car also consumes very little fuel, only about 2 liters / 100km.

Not only does the 5-Series have the best operating costs in the midsize luxury sedan segment, the car also holds a very good price, the ability to keep the price of the 5-Series comparable as the more advanced premium SUVs , of which, doing this is best 530e environmentally friendly. Experts said that after 3 years of use, the 530e retains more than 50% of the original value, the remaining versions can keep from 47 – 49%, the 540i version will only retain 43%.

Revolution is inside the cabin

Since deciding to make a series of models in 2010 with a bold design, BMW has always taken a careful and safe approach to the designs of each product line, of course, 5-Series. 2019 is no exception, especially when this car has a large number of patrons.

The overall ratio of the new generation 5-Series is no different from the old one, however, the appearance of the car is still upgraded thanks to many details around the headlights and the tail is strongly inspired by the elder 7- Series 2019. In short, the BMW 5-Series 2019 is as beautiful as the Jaguar XF, it is equally imposing as the Mercedes E-Class but has a handsome and superior design.

If you choose the M Sport trim package for the body, the BMW 5-Series will have a refined bodykit with a sportier front / rear bumper and large 18-inch alloy wheels, giving the car a look. stronger, but still retain the elegance characteristic of luxury cars in Germany.

While the exterior has been changed to safety measures, the interior of the new 5-Series has dozens of improvements. The reason is because the cabin of the old 5-Series has started to be outdated compared to rivals like the E-Class, although the quality of materials or construction is still very high and meticulous. The 5-Series 2019 needs a more modern design and infotainment system, like the new 7-Series.

Yes, the interior of the 2019 5-Series has copied almost all the details from the bigger elder, even if you are not a professional, you can easily confuse the 5-Series with 7-Series if Just look at the cockpit, from the dashboard to the gear lever design, the layout of luxurious metal-covered buttons or the large LCD screen that replaces the traditional gauges.

The car is applied high-quality materials throughout, comes with perfect construction quality. In addition, like other BMW models, the interior of the new 5-Series can also be customized according to customer preferences, including decorative options with various types of leather, embroidery thread details. different … not to mention there is also a special Individual program of BMW, which provides its own “shoe measure” service.

Equally important, the interior of the BMW 5-Series is a high-tech series – also taken from the new 7-Series. For example, the adaptive cruise control system costs £ 965 (VND 2.9 million) that can be upgraded to have a semi-automatic driving mode with an advanced driver assistance package Driving Assistant Plus, priced at 2,250. pound (67 million VND).

The semi-automatic steering system allows the vehicle to accelerate, brake and self-control at speeds up to 209 km / h. The car can even change lanes to pass on the freeway, drivers only need to turn on the overtlight and the sensors will determine the safe distance from the rest of the road, then perform the overtaking. as usual.

In addition, 5-Series 2019 drivers can also benefit from the most advanced parking assist tools, with the usual parking sensors and cameras paired with remote setup. This technology costs £ 395 (11.7 million VND) and you can only order it when you have paid 1,095 pounds (33 million VND) to own the Parking Assistant Plus feature. After all, you can park your new 5-Series in a tight space without having to sit in the car.

Other striking options in the cockpit of the new 5-Series include a colorful 225-pound head-up display – showing speed and directions, and a board-based vision assistance system. The night price is £ 1,595 (VND 47.5 million), the highlight of this system is the ability to detect pedestrians during the night.

As mentioned above, BMW has taken a few big steps towards the infotainment system of the 5-Series 2019. It’s a bigger screen with enhanced connectivity, with gesture control. only with all the features, while still incorporating the familiar iDrive controller.

Many of the technologies in the Professional Multimedia satellite navigation system (10.25-inch screen) are shared from the new 7-Series. And yet, BMW is also the first automaker to integrate Apple CarPlay wirelessly, priced at £ 235 (7 million), while the Connected app allows integration with Android smartphones. This feature will also send images from the 3D CCTV to your mobile phone if equipped. BMW Connected can even link to Amazon’s Alexa service to upgrade its use of this technology. Online services are standard on the 2019 5-Series.

Other interesting features on the 2019 5-Series include the Proactive Driving Assistant, which is linked to a satellite navigation system, allowing the car to select the correct gear for the next segment. In addition, the car has a £ 1,495 Technology package (45 million VND), which adds wireless charging for smartphones and gesture control, allowing users to perform tasks such as changing the volume. just by using one finger in front of the screen.

All 5-Series 2019 models come with BMW’s ConnectedDrive Service connectivity services, with many online services offering access to various applications and information. When the car unfortunately happens, the ConnectedDrive Service will automatically contact the help center. Also included in this package is Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI), which uses minute-to-date data to display traffic.

Wireless charging for smartphones can be purchased separately for £ 425, and customers can choose between three sound systems: £ 395 BMW Advanced (VND 11.7 million), Harman Kardon 895 pounds (27 million VND) and Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround 3,750 pounds (112 million VND).

Spacious space inside

Thanks to the larger body size (36mm increase in length), the interior of the BMW 5-Series 2019 is also significantly wider, more legroom is also provided, headroom is improved and the rear seat is wide enough. For three adults, the 5-Series confidently competes with the Audi A6, Jaguar XF and Mercedes E-Class in both passenger and luggage space.

However, if you want a more comfortable storage compartment, you should choose the 5 Series Touring. The new 5-Series sedan has a 530-liter boot capacity (up 10 liters), closely following the 540-liter figures of Mercedes E-Class and Jaguar XF. However, it is in the petrol engine, only 530e will have a 120 liter trunk.

Like all BMW models, the driver’s seat is easily adjustable, can be lowered and put you in the center of the driver. The standard seats also offer plenty of support, especially over long distances, typically heated front seats (standard) and the rear seats being optional at £ 325 (9.7). million vnd), ventilation function costs £ 510 (VND 15 million), additional massage costs £ 795 (VND 24 million), belt support costs £ 225 (VND 6.7 million).

Safety technologies

Like all BMW models, the 2019 5-Series is designed to give customers a comfortable and engaging driving experience. The handling of the car is supported by a range of advanced safety systems, including stability control, automatic emergency braking and adaptive LED headlights, which flashes when an emergency stop is required. All variants feature a modern LED headlight, 6 airbags, and BMW Connect Service for emergency alerts in the event of an accident.

If you want more peace of mind, the owner can order Driving Assistant Driving Assistant for £ 895 (27 million VND), adding lane departure warning, rear traffic warning and recognizing traffic signs. informed. Meanwhile, the £ 2,250 ($ 67 million) Driving Assistant Plus package also has automatic stopping if you feel a collision is imminent, along with adaptive cruise control with steering control. and lane.

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