[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] "Newcomer" Kia Stinger confidently confronted the "old man" BMW 430i Gran Coupe

[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] “Newcomer” Kia Stinger confidently confronted the “old man” BMW 430i Gran Coupe

The BMW 430i GC compared to the Stinger in this article comes with the tan and black interior compartments. The luxurious BMW sedan has excellent seats, adjustable size and body style, maximum support to the occupants not to feel too hugged. The standard steering wheel of BMW 430i GC is a bit thick but still nice and suitable for the cabin space.

As for the infotainment system, the 430i Gran Coupe is equipped with an iDrive 6 system that offers better features thanks to a more powerful handling software than Kia’s setup. However, the BMW 4-Series loses its advantage over the Kia Stinger when it comes to a smaller, less up-to-date screen, and costs $ 300 if it’s compatible with Apple CarPlay.

In terms of space, Kia Stinger grabbed a point thanks to the body length of about 8 inches longer than that of BMW’s rival, so the rear seat compartment and trunk capacity are also significantly wider.

Like the exterior, the Stinger’s interior is also very young, with red leather combined with black and silver, giving a rather bold appearance on the inside.

The BMW 430i Gran Coupe improves its appearance thanks to the M Performance

As mentioned above, the Kia Stinger’s interior space is more spacious than the 430i, especially at the elbow level. Stinger’s driver’s seat is also quite comfortable and has a high level of support, although it is less adjustable than its German rival.

In general, the new Stinger’s interior possesses a newer, more modern design, with fine-tuned air doors, adding visual enjoyment to the large dashboard, accompanied by a large touch screen. . The neat layout of the controller is easy to use, especially with its own user interface for smartphones.

Certainly there are many people who dislike Kia’s use of too much black plastic in the Stinger’s cabin, but overall, the overall Stinger is excellent, it blends almost evenly between sport and luxury. weight (in a 60/40 ratio).

About selling price

The xDrive variant of the BMW 430i GC starts at $ 45,000 (~ $ 1.02 billion), and increases gradually with each level. The vehicle in this article has received some additional options, so it costs about $ 54,000 (~ $ 1.22 billion).

BMW offers its customers three options for the 430i: Luxury, Premium, and Executive, for a total price of 6,250 USD (~ 142 million VND). In addition, the sedan can also be upgraded with additional options such as wireless charging, heated rear seats, or M Sport package to help the car accelerate from 0 – 96 km / h on par like 440i.

Of course, the Korean sedan will have a price advantage over the 430i GC. The Stinger GT1 version with twin-turbo V6 and AWD system starts at $ 45,450 (~ 1.03 billion VND).

In addition, Kia also introduced Stinger for an Advanced Driver Assistance package worth $ 2,000 (~ 45.4 million VND), including intelligent cruise control, frontal collision warning and automatic braking, lane maintenance assistance. road with many other advanced technologies.

Other notable standard features of the Kia Stinger GT1 include a navigation system, an 8-inch touch screen, Harman Kardon audio system, in-car wifi, wireless charging, front seats and a feature steering wheel. heating. Thus, a fully-equipped Stinger from Kia will cost $ 48,350 (~ 1.09 billion VND), significantly cheaper than 430i GC.


After the analysis in this article, it can be clearly seen that the Kia Stinger is actually a more interesting car than the BMW 430i Gran Coupe. The sedan from Kim Chi has a powerful transmission, sporty styling and larger interior space. Whereas the BMW 430i GC remains the same, it appears familiar with the exaggerated sophistication, safe style and modern, comfortable interior.

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