[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] Mercedes-Maybach S450 2018 - Standard luxury car?

[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] Mercedes-Maybach S450 2018 – Standard luxury car?

Even the air opening / closing knobs are intricate details – just a simple push of the air conditioning knobs can fit in the dashboard. This design makes the dashboard look more seamless and sophisticated. There are many other small details that you probably have to experience firsthand to feel all of them.

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Some other interior details of the Mercedes-Maybach S450 2018:

One day as a driver!

My journey to experience the Mercedes-Maybach S450 2018 starts at … Dai Nam racetrack, a place that seems to have nothing to do with a luxury sedan longer than 5.4 meters! However, if the situation is that I’m a driver (very handsome!) Carrying an important character behind, try to escape the pursuit of the bad guys. It is clear that in such an emergency situation, the ability to operate and the flexibility of a vehicle becomes more necessary than ever.

If we temporarily put that slightly-Hollywoodized situation aside, we will realize that a beautiful racetrack like Dai Nam is a better place to assess the ability of the Maybach S450. The long straight line at the start / finish line will help me explore acceleration and deceleration, while successive left and right bends will evaluate the flexibility of this nearly 3-ton machine.

Having experienced both the S-Class and Maybach models before, I did not hesitate to go into Sport + mode, activate ESC Sport and switch the suspension to Sport mode to enjoy the full power of the block. 3.0L V6 engine.

Still the familiar turbocharged 3.0L V6 engine, but has been upgraded to maximum capacity of 367 horsepower, maximum torque of 500 Nm, comes with 9G-TRONIC PLUS automatic 9-speed gearbox and 4MATIC 4-wheel drive system. Thus, Maybach S450 facelift version owns 34 more horsepower and 20 Nm compared to the previous version.

Calex Design launched a “Maybach version” of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup

According to the company documents, the car accelerates to 100 km / h in 5.9 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 250 km / h, faster than the previous Maybach S400 to 0.7 seconds. That’s the specification on paper, and my actual experience can only be summed up in one sentence: velvety! Whether stepping on the gas pedal at the start or stepping on the steering wheel, the 4MATIC all-wheel drive system is extremely efficient, nearly impossible to make the car unbalanced or slip. Although the vehicle has a weight of nearly 3 tons, Maybach S450 is still quite flexible in the race, the steering wheel is compact enough to handle each turn neatly and accurately. If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s that the engine and exhaust sounds aren’t really satisfying, perhaps because the car is soundproofed too well!

Returning to the street, where the Maybach works for most of our life cycle, I switched to Comfort mode to enjoy the Mercedes-Benz smoothness. My journey is from the Dai Nam racetrack to the hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City during the rush hour, a time when traffic volume is very large. In contrast to the hustle and bustle outside, the space inside the Maybach is extremely quiet. Nearly every speed range below 100 km / h, the noise level I measured only ranged from 60 to 63 dB, which means the Maybach S450 2018 has the best sound insulation of any car I’ve ever experienced! It’s a great environment to enjoy your favorite songs through the Burmester 3D Hi-End sound system.

COMMAND Online infotainment system with Vietnamese interface makes every new car buyer get acquainted quickly. The duo of screens have excellent color, contrast and response. Another plus point is that the map is also very detailed and sharp. The steering glass display system, massage function, heating and cooling seats and especially the smooth headrest make every journey more interesting and comfortable than ever. It is really hard to find the point to criticize this Maybach S450, all details are approaching the perfect threshold.

Try being a boss

I changed driving with my colleague and now, I am sitting in the most luxurious position in the car: the back seat on the right. Perhaps most Maybach car owners in Vietnam will sit in this position. Both rear seats can recline to 43.5 degrees. The only reason why the chair cannot recline further is not because of the lack of space, but because if the back of the seat leans further, the seat belt will snap to the seat of the person rather than the shoulder, and thus not safe at all. The seat is a bit backward, which means the super thick C pillar of the Maybach will cover the back seat of the boss, away from prying eyes.

It’s hard to find the “dead corner” of the Maybach S450 interior compartment!

There are 2 screens mounted on the back of the front row. You can use a remote control to use almost any vehicle, from choosing a massage mode, playing digital content or simply tracking the car journey. The subtlety is shown when you push the upper passenger seat push button all the way up, the screen on the back of the seat is also slightly folded down, so you can still watch your favorite content comfortably. You have 2 wireless headphones that correspond to the 2 rear monitors, but they are a bit rickety and have very bad sound quality, compared to the Burmester sound system, it’s like comparing Chi Pu to My Tam !

The rear seatbelt is actually a mini airbag that Mercedes calls a “beltbag”, which reduces the impact force on the shoulder and hip of the rear passenger if an accident occurs. In addition, this air-rope string is softer than regular parachute fabric, contributing to a more luxurious experience for the “boss” behind. And yet, when you are at the back door, the seatbelt safety latch will come out a bit and light up, which makes it easier to attach the cord.

In the platform separating the backseat, one can find quite a few “toys”. These are two drawers for the cup to cool or keep warm, respectively blue and red backlight colors, two silver cup holders, lots of ports and a relatively large storage compartment. Next are 2 extremely thick and sturdy desks. However, if you compare, Maybach’s desk is still a bit inferior to a desk in a Range Rover SVAutobiography.

Meet the unique Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman in Vietnam on the night streets of Saigon

The freezer in the middle of the two back seats can hold 3 bottles of medium size, or 2 glasses of silver crafted by Robbe & Berking comes with 1 bottle of champagne. However, this refrigerator takes up a fairly large space in the boot. The size of a cold box should be equivalent to a PC case!

The last detail I want to mention is the double sunroof for the high-end Maybach models. Mercedes-Benz calls it Magic Sky Control, optional equipment costing nearly $ 5,000 in the US but is standard on Maybach versions distributed in Vietnam. This is a special SPD-SmartGlass developed by Research Frontiers and with just a switch, the current will cause the colored particles in the glass to rearrange order, allowing light to pass through. This is when the glass becomes transparent, when there is no current, the particles return to their free state, blocking 99% of light, UV and infrared rays and now, the glass is blue. bold gorgeous. According to Mercedes-Benz, the area of ​​Maybach’s sunroof is 1.7 square meters, three times that of the SLC or SL sunroof. The speed of changing from green to transparent color of Maybach S450 is much faster than that of Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner glass.

However, the Maybach S450 is not the perfect car. When I experienced the Maybach S400 last year, I found its biggest drawback is the absence of two technologies: Distronic Plus (Adaptive Cruise Control) and Magic Body Control (Front View System) to change the stiffness of the suspension). Unfortunately, the imported Maybach S450 facelift has not been equipped with these two features, which is a irony because Mercedes-Benz is the first car company to commercialize adaptive cruise control technology and system. Adaptive suspension!

However, recently a Mercedes-Benz owner in Vietnam successfully leveled the Distronic Plus feature for his locally assembled GLC, although that cost him about $ 4,000. That means that maybe in the near future, Mercedes-Benz Vietnam will find some way to make the “Mechs” in Vietnam really “adequate”.


S-Class is a car that can satisfy almost every need of a person looking for a standard luxury car. Mercedes-Benz S450L is for business people who want to own a luxury car that brings the most value for money; S450L Luxury is for those who want a nice interior compartment like Maybach but prefer to drive by themselves. The Maybach S450 I experienced was made for rear-seat owners and drivers. And yet, the 2-door version and the high-performance AMG version were created to cater to those who drive. Ultimately, the Maybach S600 and S600 Pullman are simply for individuals who never compromise.

It can be affirmed that the high-end Maybach variants of the S-Class models are almost unrivaled in the Vietnamese market. In the context of the high-end versions of the BMW 7 Series, the new Audi A8 is not able to return to Vietnam in the near future and Jaguar XJL is still an option not for the majority, obviously the dominance of the S-Class Maybach is something. Not too confusing.

Score: 9.5 / 10


– Own the most equipment and versions in the segment
– Attractive selling price, leading brand value
– Interior spacious spacious and comfortable


– Appearance is not too different from the standard S-Class
– Large size, difficult to turn around in the narrow road
– Sales are too good to make the rarity and “toxicity” of each Mercedes-Maybach somewhat reduced

Vi Phạm (Tuoitrethudo)


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