[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 2018 - Good wood or good paint?

[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 2018 – Good wood or good paint?

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Turning your eyes around the cabin cabin CLA 250, we can easily see the familiar layout of the cars “Muc”. The perforated leather-wrapped bottom steering wheel feels comfortable to hold, even though the buttons on the steering wheel are just hard plastic. On the back is a mechanical instrument cluster with an LCD screen in the middle. The dashboard has a minimalist design with an 8-inch screen placed prominently on the aluminum panel that extends across the width. However, the number pad and the air-con control cluster do not look very suitable for a car manufactured in 2018. Currently, in the range of Mercedes-Benz, only the A-Class (CLA, A). , GLA), B-Class, GLE, GLS are still keeping the dashboard like that. These are all cars that are in need of a completely new version with a more modern design, especially the interior.

Plastic parts do not have the necessary finishing

If you sit in the CLA 250 and your right hand always feels “missing”, yes, the touch pad and the familiar roller were not equipped for the CLA 250 facelift but still a single knob. Simplified just like the pre-facelift. If you are familiar with the new Mercedes-Benz experience, you will not be satisfied with the CLA 250 glass door adjustment cluster.

Seats with a headrest attached to the back of the chair look very nice but difficult to bring maximum comfort, especially on long journeys. Artico “leather” layer upholstery can not be soft as natural leather.

The gently sculpted roof area looks great if you look outside, but it is this design that makes the space on the back of the passenger relatively tight. During the ride experience, I had the opportunity to sit 3 adults in the back row. It was an uncomfortable experience, especially when I had to sit in the two outermost positions – my head always had to tilt to the side to avoid hitting the ceiling! Sitting in the backseat is a bit more comfortable, but similar to the front seats, the headrests are fixed with an angle facing too much up front, making it difficult for me to find a seat position. Most satisfied. Of course, the CLA 250 is designed to serve young, often unmarried customers. There are more suitable options if you are looking for a luxury family sedan, such as the C-Class.

Some interior details:


Although the interior of the CLA 250 will make many people down but when it comes to performance, “quality” has returned. The CLA 250 is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that produces 211 hp at 5,500 rpm and 350 Nm of torque at 1,200 – 4,000 rpm. /minute. All traction is transmitted to the front wheels via a 7G-DCT dual-clutch gearbox. According to Mercedes-Benz, the CLA 250 takes only 6.7 seconds to reach the 100 km / h mark and reach a top speed of 240 km / h, which is almost equivalent to the C250 Exclusive. These are quite convincing numbers, enough to make first-time Mercedes car owners satisfied.

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According to a Mercedes-Benz representative, all hardware configurations (engine, gearbox, differential …) of the CLA 250 2018 have not changed compared to the first version, but there is clearly an optimal optimization in terms of The software is here. The throttle pedal is much more sensitive than the first CLA I had experienced before, the DCT gearbox also shifts smoother at street speeds, no longer jerky as before.

The gearbox responds instantly to flipping action on the steering wheel

When traveling at high speeds, especially when passing, the CLA 250 2018 dual-clutch gearbox is definitive and smooth enough to make the car accelerate uninterrupted. Particularly for the gearbox, the 7G-DCT box of the CLA “broke” the 7G-Tronic gearbox of the C-Class. C-Class automatic gearbox is always a little hesitant when shifting, especially at high revs. The latest C-Classes have been upgraded to a smoother 9G-Tronic 9-speed gearbox, but they also can’t have smooth and fast gear shifts like the dual-clutch gearbox. “Click click click”, the feeling of flanking the gear shift behind the steering wheel and the CLA 250 instant response is addictive! Block 4-cylinder engine is also very “playful”, ready to accompany you achieve over 4,000 rpm revolutions / minute but at the same time has very good traction in low rpm range, which makes driving in the city easy and softer than ever.

However, the steering wheel feel is what makes the difference between CLA and C-Class. The steering of the CLA is electrically assisted, giving a very light handling feel, suitable for those who do not want to feel each ballast, every vibration when driving. However, the feeling of the road surface is not clear, moreover because the front two wheels must both drive and guide, so it is not elegant, accurate and has instant feedback like the steering wheel and front wheels of C-Class. Of course, most people who choose to buy CLA are not much concerned about the authenticity of the steering wheel, if they really care about enjoying the driving experience, most likely they will choose the C-Class.

Other indicators such as the ability to sound under the ground, wind and environmental sound, the smoothness of the suspension and the smoothness of the driving components all reach the luxury car, exactly as customers expect. At the end of the journey, the fuel consumption is only approximately 10 liters / 100 km of mixed roads. This is a very commendable consumption for a German car.


Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 for those who love by eyes, not by hands. The CLA 250 is suitable for first-time Mercedes-Benz owners, it is attractive enough to make them stick with the three-pointed star brand and upgrade to more expensive models in the future. However, for me, in the CLA range, only high-performance CLA 45 AMG models really satisfy the thirst for speed of Mercedes-Benz believers. Of course, the CLA 45 AMG competes in a completely different segment.

Score: 7/10


– Beautiful exterior
– Smoothness, saving fuel
– Mercedes-Benz brand value


– The interior is not commensurate
– More expensive than the C-Class
– The car has reached the end of its lifecycle, there will be a completely new replacement soon

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