[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] McLaren 720S 2018 - a masterpiece of design and transmission

[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] McLaren 720S 2018 – a masterpiece of design and transmission

The driver and sole passenger of the 720S will benefit from high-grade Alcantara sports leather seats, visibility is good enough. In addition, drivers will find a neat new display screen that can be customized to each driving mode as well as folded when not in use.

Specifically, in the “Comfort” and “Sport” driving modes, this screen displays all information on the sides of the screen while the rpm and speed are displayed in the middle. On the other hand, in the “Track” mode, the screen will collapse to display only the necessary parameters such as speed, rpm, and gear level.

Another impressive detail of McLaren’s top supercar is the sophisticated and excellent gearbox system, with Reverse buttons, Neutral (zero), and Drive (forward gear). ).

The “unique” McLaren 720S from MSO is auctioned to raise funds

The 720S continues to make an impression in McLaren’s product team because the steering wheel is perfectly shaped – in both the diameter and the overall thickness, especially it does not integrate functional buttons like the cars. luxury today.

The reason McLaren purposely did so was because the British supercar brand wanted that drivers who put their hands on the steering wheel of the 720S would focus only on enjoying the thrill of driving instead of paying attention to it. function buttons.

The McLaren 720S carries a design masterpiece

Since its official launch at the 2017 Geneva Show in March last year, the 720S has quickly conquered the most demanding people thanks to its attractive exterior at first sight.

Even owning the purple outfit in “Quartz” as shown above, the look and style of the 720S is still really great. It is a sophisticated mix of 570S and McLaren P1 million dollar supercar.

Each line and surface on the 720S is created to maximize the aerodynamics. Through 720S, McLaren has shown itself to be a master in supercar design by taking advantage of as much aerodynamics as possible.

The McLaren 720S is perfected in a completely new design language, with fancy aerodynamic wind holes. Even the LED headlamps are made very thin to create space for air inlets. Butterfly wing door, attached to the hood.

Meanwhile, the rear of the car features a double-wide spoiler that stabilizes the rear airflow and can act as an air brake when the driver steps on the brake. The dual rear exhaust is mounted high and is made of gray or black stainless steel if the sports exhaust option is available.

After all, experts have judged that the McLaren 720S is an incredible supercar from design, technology, chassis, suspension to performance, which is also the reason why the 720S achieved the title. Best supercar of 2017.

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