[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] Land Rover Range Rover HSE 2019 - A trend maker

[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] Land Rover Range Rover HSE 2019 – A trend maker

And yet, the position of the switch to open the glass is also located too high compared to the driver. I often leaned on the side of the door and on most models I’ve ever driven, the glass switches were in my hand. The opening lever is also not convenient enough to open the door with one hand. Anyway, the seat controller is pushed up to the door, making it easier to adjust the seat.

However, the Range Rover HSE 2019 interior compartment is still a big step forward from its predecessor. However, competitors in the same segment have not stood still over the years. We have the most likely BMW X7 to come to Vietnam later this year, Mercedes-Benz GLS or even Volvo XC90 Excellence are also models with beautiful and luxurious interiors.

Some other images of the Range Rover HSE 2019 interior:


Experience with the special Range Rover HSE 2019 right from the moment you step into the car and sit in the driver’s seat. You will sit very high against the road, which will give you the feeling of driving the true Range Rover when you look down on the lower cars on the road. This is the driving characteristic of a Range Rover! Column A is relatively thin, the rearview mirror is not too big and the long bonnet gives a very clear front view.

Air suspension is standard equipment for “big bins”. Thanks to the flexible air suspension, the car can be lowered to 50 mm so that passengers can easily get in and out. The vehicle can maintain this 50 mm lowered state to move in low places, such as parking tunnels, with a maximum speed of 40 km / h. In standard mode, the car has a ground clearance of 220 mm and when activating the off-road mode, the car can achieve a ground clearance of up to 297 mm! At this point, the luxurious Range Rover has become a formidable off-road machine with an angle of 29.7 degrees, a slope of 28.2 degrees, an escape angle of 27.6 degrees and the ability to wade up to 900mm. . Vehicles are also equipped with 2-speed gearbox specializing in off-road and mode “Cruise Control” when riding difficult terrain. Of course, very few Range Rover owners in Vietnam take their billion-dollar vehicle off-road!

Which leads to the most important question: how is the experience on the road like? The short answer: it’s commensurate with what you expect of a Range Rover – smooth, quiet and relaxed. Inside a Range Rover, all the hustle and bustle is stopped by the 6mm double soundproof glass. Playing my favorite music through the Meridian stereo, I was comfortable enough to drive hundreds of kilometers. Feeling a bit secretive? With just a wave of your hand you have opened the sunroof! Yes, the Range Rover facelift is the first car in the world that supports opening the sunroof with a wave of your hand.

The Range Rover HSE has a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 petrol engine that produces a maximum capacity of 340 hp, 450 Nm. These parameters are not necessarily the strongest in the segment, but this engine block combined with 8-speed automatic transmission ZF and four-wheel drive system is enough to help Range Rover “big box” accelerate to 100 km / h in 7.4 seconds and reaches a top speed of 209 km / h. Those parameters are more than enough, because if you need intense acceleration, you have many other options besides Range Rover.

But it certainly can’t bring almost absolute silence like that of a Range Rover. Soundproof glass makes environmental sound can not get into the cabin, column A oblong, small mirrors make the wind almost no appearance and the sound of the drive system, roar noise is also soundproofed thoroughly. Really, if you need a good SUV to drive, you should choose Porsche – Range Rover for those who are in need of a 5-star mobile hotel.


For the past half century, Land Rover has created the luxury SUV segment and increasingly improves the SUV that represents their brand: Range Rover. The Range Rover HSE 2019 is the crystallization of decades of experience so it appears to be the only SUV you need. In the price range of VND 8 billion, Range Rover is the optimal choice, unless you are looking for a more exciting driving experience.

Score: 9/10


– Smooth and comfortable experience

– Standard design for a luxury SUV

– Off-road ability is not in dispute


– Expensive compared to the competition

– Not much different from the previous facelift

– The number of genuine agents is limited

Vi Phạm (Tuoitrethudo)


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