[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] Honda CB300R 2020 - Youthful and dynamic

[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] Honda CB300R 2020 – Youthful and dynamic

Looking to the side of CB300R, you will see a black paint machine block, dotted with metallic screws that look very modern and stylish. Large chrome exhaust clusters also help eliminate the image of “stork” for this single-cylinder motorcycle. The taller saddle is integrated with the rear light cluster with the smallest size ever on a Honda motorcycle. Beneath the saddle is a small storage compartment, just to fit 2 raincoats only. The rear seat also does not have a lot of seat area, so the rear seat is probably only for short journeys.

The lattice frame of Honda CB300R is also a worth mentioning upgrade. The frame still uses the engine as a bearing component, the braces are reduced cross section, weight loss but still resistant to twisting. At the end of the frame is a padlock that is 15% stiffer than the CB300F, connecting to the rear gripper also has a completely new design. Thanks to the improvements from the frame, the Honda CB300R weighs only 145kg, up to 17 kg lighter than the CB300F, although the previous F model is also the leading light car in the segment!

The new 17-inch wheels also contribute to weight loss for CB300R. Comes with wheels as 110 mm front tires, rear tires 150 mm. A ground clearance of 150 mm and a seat height of 800 mm are also standard parameters in the segment, suitable for drivers with a height of 1m7 and above. In Vietnam, Honda CB300R owns 2-channel ABS brakes as standard equipment with 296 mm front disc with Nissin 2-piston brakes, 220 mm rear disc with Nissin 1-piston brake shafts also of Nissin. . With such safety equipment, new motorcyclists can also freely explore the performance of this vehicle.

Interesting experiment

The Honda CB300R has a maximum capacity of 31.3 hp at 8,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 27.5 Nm at 6,500 rpm from a 286cc DOHC engine block cooled by liquid, single cylinder , direct fuel injection. This is a familiar engine block for Honda fans and was also fitted to the Rebel 300 model launched last year. The engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox with a manual clutch. According to Honda, the car can go 30.2 km / liter of gasoline. Thus, with more than 10 liter fuel tank, the CB300R can go more than 300 km with a fuel tank. However, today we will not take the fuel economy exam. My mission is to discover if this car is exciting enough to be appealing to young customers.

The fact that the Honda CB300R is quite short of breath when compared to other models in the same segment will probably make many people lose their emotions, but the light weight of the car also partially makes up for this shortage. I was surprised by the weight of the CB300R from the first time I pushed the stand and straightened the car. It is really very light! If you are unprepared and use too much force, you will probably play with and have to support your right leg to regain the post. The weight of only 143 kg plus the relatively “turbulent” 1-cylinder engine in the low speed range are two things that create excitement when driving beyond my expectations.

The car actually picks up at a speed range of less than 60 km / h. According to my memory, the number 1, 2, 3 of Honda is shorter than the KTM 390 so it should start from the stand still position, the CB300R gives quite impressive acceleration, similar to the KTM rival despite the weaker engine. . However, it may be because the new car is hard, so the clutch is still not very smooth, especially when going to the furnace in traffic. If the problem is because the car is too new, I believe that only a few hundred kilometers away, the problem will disappear. The very powerful engine block of Honda CB300R combined with the gear ratio of 1.2 is very short and the light end makes the “loading” is extremely easy. Overall, this is a car suitable for “naughty” drivers!

When traveling on the highway at a constant speed, the Honda CB300R again becomes as docile as a normal digital car. Levels 5 and 6 are long enough for the vehicle to operate at the lower rev range of less than 3,000 rpm, enough for the VTEC system not to activate the large cam configuration. If you go to such evil, the car is extremely economical and smooth. Overall, the Honda CB300R is a car that can accompany you to work every day but still be able to play around on empty roads. However, the saddle is very hard and has a narrow area. If you often run long distances with CB300R, you should do it again to sit more comfortable.


Honda CB300R is a very “fit” car: powerful enough to provide an exciting experience, quiet enough on the road and enough to save fuel for you to use it daily. The outstanding design of CB300R is also attractive to young people who first play big bikes – the main customer file of CB300R. 140 million is not a small number, but the Honda CB300R deserves from penny!

Vi Phạm (Tuoitrethudo)


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