[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] Ford Everest Titanium 4WD 2019 - Operability and safety

[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] Ford Everest Titanium 4WD 2019 – Operability and safety

Safety first

Ford Everest Titanium 4WD 2019 not only possesses excellent performance but also outstanding safety. When testing the brakes from 100 km / h to a stationary position, the ABS system also works effectively, helping the car to stop safely while the driver can still comfortably adjust the direction of the vehicle.

For the zig zag folding test at 50 km / h, 60 km / h and 70 km / h, this SUV showed great balance despite having to steer left and right continuously. The suspension provides optimal balance, a firm body restricts twisting, and large tires provide good traction. Traction force of tires and improved suspension makes the car can conquer zig zag test without electronic balancing system to work. That is a big plus of Everest Titanium 4WD because it is a sign that the car was developed to not depend on electronic systems as many rival models. Of course, in the most urgent situations, electronic systems like Electronic Stability Program (ESP) or Rollover Mitigation System are always ready to intervene.

When traveling on the highway, the driver can also feel secure because of the comfort and safety of Ford Everest Titanium 4WD 2019. Adaptive Automatic Speed ​​Control system combined with Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keeping Assist and BLIS Blind Spot Warning system help you drive more leisurely and more relaxed, while AEB Emergency Active Braking System can detect both pedestrians and vehicles ahead to take the initiative. brake when necessary. And yet, the Front Collision Warning system will also alert by sound if the driver is distracted and comes too close to the car ahead.

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The Tire Pressure Monitoring and Cross-Vehicle Warning System also contributes to the safety of the Ford Everest Titanium 4WD 2019. When traveling at high speeds, if the tire is too young or too tight, it will affect safety. all yours. The previous Everest tire pressure monitoring system only generally warned that there was a problem with tire pressure, while the new Ford Everest system was able to monitor the pressure on each wheel in real time and scene. Accurate notification of tire status to the driver with clear, intuitive images.

Peak off-road

The ability to conquer bad terrain is an integral part of the SUVs bearing the Ford logo. With the unique Terrain Management System, the new Everest is always ready to go through the most challenging terrain, whether it be sand, snow or gravel. The system includes 4 modes: Standard; Sand running mode; The mode runs muddy road, grass, snow and finally the rocky run mode. For Vietnamese consumers, running on sandy roads is probably the most useful. The computer will optimize the distribution of traction to each wheel and increase the throttle sensitivity to prevent the car from getting bogged down when encountering sandy roads. If you often return to your hometown or go to an unpaved area, this mode is very useful. Besides, the rock-running mode also makes you confident to conquer the most difficult roads when exploring the Northwest mountains.

In addition to the Terrain Control System, other advanced features are also fitted to the Ford Everest Titanium 4WD 2019. These are the Hill-Start Departure System, Downhill Control System, Traction Control System, Automatic load control system etc. Another indispensable equipment when off-road is the bridge differential lock. The Ford Everest Titanium 4WD differential lock is electronically controlled, ensuring the two rear wheels are in sync, thereby increasing traction and grip. And yet, thanks to a solid chassis and powerful engine, the Ford Everest Titanium 4WD 2019 has a load capacity of up to 750 kg, more than enough to make long journeys to explore the mountains.


Ford Everest Titanium 4WD 2019 is not only a comfortable and safe machine on the asphalt but it also possesses the ability to conquer the famous terrain of Ford. This is the perfect family car with 7 spacious seats, leading segment performance and can accompany you to any head with great comfort.

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