[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] BMW X7 vs Lexus LX 570 - Challenging the throne

[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] BMW X7 vs Lexus LX 570 – Challenging the throne

Regarding the steering wheel design, I scored the design of the BMW X7 higher. The steering wheel of the X7 not only gives a better grip, softer nappa leather, has more luxurious car buttons, but the center section is also covered with nappa leather and contrasting embroidery with beautiful colors.

The steering wheel of the LX570 also features Shimamoku wood layers that are extremely luxurious and meticulous, but the buttons seem to be of pure concrete from Toyota cars. That’s why I still prefer the BMW steering wheel.

Behind the wheel is also the area where the BMW X7 completely overwhelms the Japanese opponent. We have a 12.3-inch high-resolution LCD screen (1920×720 pixels) and lots of information about vehicle operating conditions, even a navigation map. With the Lexus LX570, we have 2 mechanical clock clusters with a small screen in the middle. Perhaps there is no need to say much about which watches are better. Maybe some Lexus customers will prefer mechanical watches but I personally prefer the modernity of the BMW X7.

The entertainment center screen is also something that BMW outperforms Lexus. The screen is also 12.3 inches, running the iDrive 7.0 interface. IDrive has come a long way in upgrades, and version 7.0 is really all I need about a smart operating system in a car. Information tabs are arranged scientifically, stacking effects, sliding, transitions very smooth and beautiful. You can manipulate the screen by touch, by gestures (Gesture Control) or by physical buttons arranged in a very handy cluster.

Below the screen is the air conditioner cluster grouped into groups of buttons very easy to get used to. Air-conditioning vents also have an eye-catching new design. Not only is it beautiful, but BMW’s system also supports a panoramic camera system with a 3D simulator that is very useful in extremely narrow parking lots. The image quality of the camera around the car is also higher than the Lexus LX570.

Enform infotainment system of Lexus LX570 not only comes with a screen with very bad resolution, does not touch, comes with a bad control pointer that Enform also does not support Apple Carplay and Android Auto. The screen in the middle of the dashboard is very large, approximately 12 inches, but the resolution and interface are much inferior to that of the German rival. I personally get annoyed when I try to control the cursor at the control panel. Even very simple tasks such as changing the FM channel made me squirming and distracting while driving.

Small details like the crystal shift lever, steering wheel knobs or buttons on the center console of the BMW X7 are also more elaborate and feel more convincing touch than the buttons of the LX570, which are almost intact. from Toyota cars. In return, the Shimamoku paneling looks better and more refined than the wood on the X7.

The two Bowers & Wilkins Diamond speakers with 20 satellite speakers and a total output of 1,500W on the X7 and Mark Levinson Premium Surround (15 satellite speakers, a total output of 835 watts) of the LX 570 seem to be quite equal. Because of the limited time, I could not experience these two speakers long enough to compare, but these are also two car car speakers that are highly appreciated by audiophile.

Photo: BMW

In terms of interior, the BMW X7 also has many advantages when compared to the Lexus LX570, including the ambient LED light array, plus the Sky Lounge sunroof extremely aesthetic when driving at night. Besides, there are 2 tablets for the backseat better than LX570. In general, the BMW interior layout represents the typical modern technology of BMW, while the Lexus interior is more classical, which means the lack of trendy features when compared to the competition. Virtue. Personally, I am more inclined to the German team. BMW 2 – Lexus 0.

Driving experience

Thus, the Lexus team lost 0-2, whether the LX 570 can remove gauze in practical experience? Let’s compare 2 engine blocks first. As the name implies, Lexus LX570 owns a V8 engine with a capacity of up to 5.7 liters of natural gas, providing a maximum capacity of 383 horsepower at 5,600 rpm, maximum torque of 546 horsepower. The Lexus LX570 features an 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system with Torsen-type limited center differential and electronically controlled center differential lock.

BMW X7 in-line 6-cylinder engine produces a maximum power of 335 hp at 5,500 rpm, maximum torque of 450 Nm, coupled with an 8-speed automatic transmission and 4-wheel drive system. xDrive with a wet conical center differential to circulate engine traction to 2 bridges with a standard ratio before – after 40/60 .. It sounds like X7 is weaker than LX570, but spread How about the practical experience?

The actual experience is completely different from the specifications on paper. The LX570 gives a true, relaxed experience. Stepping on the accelerator, the car hesitated for a moment before rushing forward like a bear waking up from a hibernation. Even if you actively put the manual, the V8 engine and 8-speed gearbox will not give as quick response as the BMW X7 even though it is a naturally aspirated engine.

Calculating a little, we will see this is probably one of the most lazy … commercial engine blocks in the world with an engine power / volume ratio of only 67 horsepower / 1,000 cubic centimeters, while similar specifications The self engine of the BMW engine is 111 hp / 1,000 cc. Of course, the laziness of a Lexus V8 engine is what will make the engine more durable than a small turbocharged engine.

Jumping on the X7 and stepping on the throttle, the car reacted with all my throttle, brake and steering wheel gestures. Driving the LX570 is a relaxed, light and perhaps the best fit when you are on the road, visiting works in a province far from Hanoi. And the X7 is a car that feels much better to drive than its size. Put simply, this is the BMW X5 Plus, and its experience as well as a slightly prolonged X5.

I am a driver so I will definitely choose a car that is fast, flexible and obedient like the BMW X7. With the rear wheel steering system and variable steering power, the X7 becomes surprisingly resourceful in narrow terrain, especially when parking. On the contrary, driving the LX570, you will immediately see its bulky at any terrain or speed. Both cars have air suspension, but the way they react to road surface defects is very different.

The Lexus LX570 is a combination of pneumatic shock absorbers and dampers that have lower stiffness than BMW, giving the Lexus characteristic bobbing experience, giving passengers the feeling that the car is flying. is on the ground. The X7 has a stiffer air suspension than the LX570 but that is combined with the CLAR chassis with extremely good torsional rigidity so vibrations from the road surface are still disabled almost completely, without bouncing the operating backbone. Guests in the car. I personally prefer the X7’s experience as it provides enough road feel but is still comfortable enough for passengers. When driving at high speed, the X7 also makes me feel more confident than the LX570. Of course, there are still people who like the smoothness of the Lexus LX570 but for me, it is another score for BMW.


Thus, for me, the BMW X7 won convincingly against Lexus LX570 in every criteria that I sought. The BMW X7 is a family car suitable for those who require a 6-7-seater SUV but still looking for inspiration behind the wheel. Lexus LX570 is the car that will suit those who want to own a symbol of wealth (in Vietnam) and do not care about the technical factors or driving experience. After all, in the SUV segment of over 7 billion, no car is bad or absolutely perfect. The most important thing is which car best suits your personality and requirements. For me (if winning the lottery), that would be the BMW X7.

Vi Phạm (Tuoitrethudo)


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