[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] BMW X3 30i M-Sport - Sporty and practical

[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] BMW X3 30i M-Sport – Sporty and practical

You’ll also find that the most expensive X3 model Thaco is distributing also doesn’t have a sunroof. This may be an indispensable equipment for some people, but for me, a sports-oriented car like the BMW X3 does not need a sunroof. That will lower the center of the car a bit and to be honest, I don’t need a sunroof in the middle of the 40 degree heat in Hanoi. Second row of X3 very spacious, on par with GLC or Audi Q5. X3 has a space from the seat to the ceiling (headroom) in the back seat to reach 993 mm, the footsteps reach 924 mm, the shoulder area is 1,437 mm. These numbers do not differ much from the two compatriot rivals. BMW also has a very large luggage compartment, up to 550 liters.

The BMW X3 also has a new leather seat cover called Vernasca, replacing the Dakota leather which is standard equipment for many BMW F models. Both are industrial leather, ie not genuine leather, but Vernasca is still beautiful and more natural than Dakota. The softness of Vernasca skin is also a bit better and maybe the durability of both skin types is equally good.

Overall, the BMW X3 G01 has a much nicer interior compartment than the previous X3 model. Those who love the BMW brand can now enjoy the interior space that is worthy of two luxurious words, which many Vietnamese buy the F3 Series and F3 X3 Series.

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Compared to the previous generation X3, the X3 G01 has the most valuable upgrade is the B48 4-cylinder engine block. This machine reaches a maximum capacity of 252 horsepower at 5,200 – 6,500 rpm, maximum torque of 350 Nm at ultra low rpm: 1,450 rpm and maintains up to 4,800 rpm. Thus, despite being a bit weaker than the GLC facelift’s M264 engine, the B48 engine achieves maximum torque at lower revs (1,450 compared to 1,800 rpm) and maintains torque. This maximum torque is in the wider rpm range (4,800 vs 4,000 rpm). However, the attraction of the B48 block is not limited to the numbers on paper.

Regarding mechanical structure, B48 engine has many advantages compared to N20. First, it is the transition from the body design with the water jacket surrounding the combustion chamber (open-deck design) to a “thicker” form, with cooling water only flowing through smaller paths and metal proportions. The enclosure is much larger (closed-deck design). The closed-deck design is characteristic of high-performance motors, so if all other factors are equal, the closed-deck motor will be stronger and stronger than the open-deck motor. If you intend to power your vehicle, the closed-deck design also withstands better compression pressure and is more stable and durable.

The next major upgrade is the air-to-water intake air cooling system. If the explanation is simple, the flow of air in the commutator is cooled by solution instead of the air flow through the radiator located at the front of the vehicle. The air-to-water design is much more complex than the traditional air-to-air model, but the advantage of this design is that the air-charged air does not have to “run” long distances like the air- Traditional to-air. The fact that the B48 engine’s main radiator is integrated directly into the intake manifold so the turbocharger latency is greatly reduced. When accelerating, the driver will feel the engine is more agile and flexible, “obedient” than the traditional intake air cooling.

Like the N20, the B48 engine still uses a turbocharger with the turbine receiving two twin scroll turbines. This is the advantage of BMW engines when compared to Mercedes, Audi or even Porsche engines – car manufacturers usually only apply twin scroll configuration for high performance engines. Simply put, intake air from cylinders 1 and 4 are connected to a single pipe, while cylinders 2 and 3 are connected into a single pipe. This design makes the exhaust pressure from 4 cylinders evenly spread, less conflicts with each other, thereby increasing the conversion efficiency of kinetic energy from exhaust flow into turbine performance, reducing the increase delay pressure. The twin-scroll design and the air-to-water intake cooler are the two things that make BMW’s B48 engine unmatched in the segment of responsiveness. It’s no coincidence that many car players say that BMW’s turbocharged engine is as smooth and responsive as a naturally aspirated engine!

The brand-name engine paired with an 8-speed gearbox that seemed to read the mind of the driver and the rear-wheel drive xDrive 4-wheel drive system offers a really exciting driving experience. Sitting behind the X3 steering wheel, you will feel it urging you to step on the gas deeper, driving more decisively to find your limit and the vehicle. The 50:50 BMW front and rear wheel-weight distribution ratios and the xDrive system with 40:60 front and rear traction ratios are also the pieces needed to deliver an impressive driving experience. X3 M Sport.

The CLAR chassis is 40% more resistant to torsion than the X3 F25 chassis combined with the extremely flexible suspension system, which also contributes to the smooth ride experience and agile driving style. blood of war ”on deserted streets. Even X3 is now an extremely fuel-efficient car. This is due to the optimized powertrain and the body drag index of just 0.29 Cd, the lowest in the segment. Less wind resistance makes the car less fuel efficient, especially when running at high speed. Acceleration is also improved and the noise at high speeds is also reduced. For comparison, the wind resistance of the Mercedes GLC is 0.31 Cd even though the car has a rounder design, softer than the X3. Audi Q5 is 0.30 Cd. The X3 demo that I experience only consumes 9.2 liters of gasoline / 100 km you know, nobody drives a demo car in the gentle style!

Perhaps when it comes to driving experience in the BMW X3, the only thing I feel less satisfied with is the feel of the steering wheel. The steering wheel of X3 is still compact, firm and accurate but no longer feels the road surface as clearly as the oil steering wheel of BMW models a decade ago. However, electric power steering and no vibration on the driver is the general trend of the whole car industry and it seems only Porsche can make an electric power steering system that can satisfy my hands.


The BMW X3 is a vehicle that does its job. This is a car with a harmonious combination of fun driving experience and everyday practicality. X3 xDrive 30i M Sport is not cheap but surely every X3 owner will be satisfied with what this model offers. If you need the smoothest luxury CUV, the Mercedes dealer portal welcomes you, if you’re looking for the sportiest CUV, the Porsche saler is ready to welcome you 7 days a week. If what you are looking for is a car between these two extremes, with the most masculine design and the most modern engine in the segment, the BMW X3 is the best choice.

Score: 8.5 / 10


– Beautiful design

– Superior drive system

– Experience a balance between sport and smoothness



– Some interior details are not sophisticated enough

– Steering wheel lacks emotion

Vi Phạm (Tuoitrethudo)


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