[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] Audi Q2 - Undefined!

[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] Audi Q2 – Undefined!

Q2 has a youthful interior but does not lose the luxury that is always associated with the Audi image. If the exterior is too different, it will bring a lot of opinions, the Q2 interior will surely satisfy Audi lovers. The designers have cleverly integrated the details to create a youthful accent in the cabin compartment, making the car a truly different personality.

Basic equipment on the Audi Q2 includes the Audi Connect intelligent connection system, Progressive Steering variable power steering, Bluetooth and voice control system, 2-zone automatic air conditioning, information system. MMI entertainment with 5.8-inch screen, parking sensor, reversing camera and safety features Audi Presense City: the central computer can interfere with the brakes to avoid colliding with other vehicles or riders the front of the vehicle at a maximum speed of 85 km / h. In addition, other features such as cruise control, electronic balance (ESC), electronic brake force support EBD are also fully equipped for Audi Q2.

Audi did not forget to equip its inherent interior quintessence with the cheapest Q-Series model to bring greater attraction to young customers who love technology. Multifunctional three-spoke sports steering wheel? Have. Audi Virtual Cockpit instrument cluster with a 12.3 inch screen? Have. The latest generation MMI navigation and infotainment system is Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatible? Have. High-quality Nappa leather interior? Have. LED lights illuminate the interior compartment 10 colors? Have. Bang & Olufsen sound system? Also have. Equipping the technology with Audi’s reputation for the Q2 is welcome – car buyers now have access to advanced technologies that previously appeared only on more expensive cars.

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However, unfortunately the Q2 car I experience does not own the modern equipment mentioned above. If you order the car according to the configuration of the Q2 car I experience, the waiting time will be 2 months, but if you order a “full option” Q2, it will be early next year before you will receive the car.

Another point I didn’t like in the Audi Q2 interior compartment is the appearance of hard plastic panels, typically the door trim panel. As a “cheap” Audi (relatively), it is clear that the Q2’s interior compartment will be slightly trimmed to reduce production costs, but the door panel is a whole piece of hard plastic is not positive. at all.

Even so, the Audi Q2 still has one of the most beautiful and handy interior compartments in the segment. The steering wheel is thin but feels comfortable to hold. The meter cluster behind the steering wheel displays full content, though if you are planning to order a Q2, then choose the Virtual Cockpit screen, which will make your experience with Q2 really enhanced. . The center screen is not the largest in the segment but it is clear and intuitive. This screen combined with the rotary knob below the center console makes it easy to control the vehicle’s functions.

And yet, the air-conditioning cluster features a beautiful engraved metal knob, for a very “feel” grip. However, what impressed me the most was the LED strip lights at the bottom of the dashboard and center console. We can choose 10 different colors and the hundreds of small LED elements embedded under the plastic really bring the “hi-tech” feeling for the Audi Q2.

Moreover, there is one thing Audi Q2 does better than all competitors in the segment: the ability to customize to fit the personality of each car owner. Customers can choose from 12 exterior colors and 11 wheel models ranging in size from 17 to 19-inch. They can also actively choose the color of the C-pillar cladding, even matching interior colors with car paint. According to Audi, there are up to 5 million color schemes for Audi Q2 – an impressive number!

Some interior photos of Audi Q2:

Interesting experiment

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Before entering Q2, I thought that when a car is designed to appeal to young people who care about the beauty of the car, it will possess not too impressive performance. However, the Audi Q2 is different. This is a car that can both become the focus of attention on the street, and can enjoy your favorite roads with you.

Currently, Audi Vietnam only distributes the Q2 version with a 1.4L TFSI petrol engine for a maximum capacity of 150 horsepower, maximum torque of 250 Nm with temporary cylinder shut-off technology. 250 Nm of torque is generated in the range of the machine from 1,500 to 3,500 rpm. Combined with the 7-speed S tronic transmission, the dual-clutch Audi is fine-tuned to operate smoothly in the city as well as provide good acceleration on the road.

We often see cars with multi-cylinder engines capable of stopping half of their cylinders to reduce fuel consumption. The Audi Q2 also has that capability. When the Audi Q2 1.4L engine operates below 4,000 rpm and the driver throws the gas gently, and one more condition is that the engine block does not need to use the full 250 Nm, the ECU will disconnect the second and the second cylinder. 3. At this time, Q2 works with only 2 cylinders. The technology temporarily interrupts the cylinder, the weight of the car is only 1,280 kg and the body is specially designed to have a wind resistance of only 0.3 Cd which is the factor that makes the car consume only 5.2 liters of gasoline per 100 km according to conventional Audi offers, which is equal to a Ducati Scrambler motorcycle.

That’s the manufacturer’s specifications, but during the experience I did not reach that level but asymptotic 10 liters / 100 km of mixed roads. Anyway, that’s a commendable number, especially when the turbocharged 1.4-liter engine block and 7-speed dual clutch gearbox bring exciting experiences. The 1.4L TFSI engine block of Audi Q2 reaches maximum torque right from the 1500 rpm, so the throttle phase from low speed becomes very easy and fast. In addition, the S-Tronic 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox makes the transmissions really “sweet” and so fast it is almost impossible to feel. When traveling at low speeds, the gearbox does not jerk like the original dual-clutch gearboxes.

The feel of the steering wheel Q2 is also relatively good, though the feel of the steering wheel is something that has not been the strength of the common Audi models so far. Thanks to the speed-dependent variable steering mechanism, turning in tight spaces is very gentle and when traveling on highways, the certainty of the steering wheel makes me not have much impact on it.

Q2’s soundproofing really deserves the German car brand. Environmental noise, tire noise and wind noise are very well isolated thanks to the thick door gaskets and optimized aerodynamic body design. The smoothness is also a plus point of the Audi Q2. However, when going into the bad road, the disadvantage of the rear suspension is a new bar – the noise and vibration are relatively large.

In terms of interior space, the Audi Q2 has a more spacious rear seat than the GLA 200. The car has a flatter roof top that represents the Mercedes-Benz house, which makes the back seat has more headroom. Rear seats can be folded to increase the storage area. However, the Audi Q2 has no rear air vents, a big minus point in Vietnam.


It can be seen that the performance of the Audi Q2 is enough to satisfy the needs of the customer group it targets. Besides, the modern beauty from the inside out, the relatively luxurious and unique experience are the factors that make the Audi Q2 a worthy car to buy, especially for young customers.

Score: 7.5 / 10


– Unique beauty, not in touch
– Experience in an impressive city
– Better price than the direct opponent


– Some interior details are not commensurate with the Audi brand
– The number of available cars is not much
– The limited dealer network makes car buyers in the province inconvenient for warranty and maintenance

Vi Phạm (Tuoitrethudo)


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