[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] 2016 Lexus RX 350 F Sport - Specific substance

[ĐÁNH GIÁ XE] 2016 Lexus RX 350 F Sport – Specific substance

The leather quality in the remaining positions in the RX 350 F Sport is also high quality, but unfortunately if you choose the F Sport version, customers will not get the superior semi-analine leather in the optional package. Luxury Package for RX 350 and RX 350L.

The electronic clock cluster exclusively for the F Sport is also an advantage in my eyes. Highlighted in the middle is a circular electronic clock, showing the rev counter. This is a Lexus LF-A supercar inspired model and I love that. Next to them are additional screens that display other activity information. Unfortunately, the F Sport is not a very different version from the standard RX 350 when comparing performance, I will analyze in detail in the experience.

So the things I don’t like about the interior? There are lots of plastic buttons dotted on the steering wheel and dashboard. They seem to be made from Toyota cars to the RX. In terms of performance, there is nothing to complain, but if you spend 3, 4 billion to buy a car, it is clear that Lexus customers have the right to demand beautiful buttons, more luxurious. In this regard, I appreciate the models from Germany more.

Enform infotainment system of Lexus not only comes with a screen with a very bad resolution, does not touch, comes with a bad control pointer that Enform also does not support Apple Carplay and Android Auto. The screen in the middle of the dashboard is very large, approximately 12 inches, but the resolution and interface are inferior to many German rivals. I personally get annoyed when I try to control the cursor at the control panel. Even very simple tasks such as changing the FM channel made me squirming and distracting while driving.

Of course, I can use the buttons on the steering wheel, but that doesn’t mean Lexus has the right to design the center console in an unreasonable way. Again, control systems like BMW’s iDrive or Mercedes’s COMMAND are more effective. In return, the car has a very good Mark Levinson Premium Surround sound system (15 satellite speakers, total output of 835 watts). This premium audio option costs more than 3,000 USBs in the US.

In general, the interior of Lexus is still worthy of luxury cars but there are some points that are not worthy. That leaves the Lexus RX 350 lagging behind its European rivals and probably not until early next year, when the RX series upgrades between its product lines (facelift) to be present in Vietnam.

The experience is not for driving enthusiasts

I know Lexus’ customer group is slightly different from Mercedes or BMW so I experienced this RX 350 F Sport with the passenger position before directly driving. As a passenger in the car, it’s really hard to find anything to criticize the RX 350 F Sport. The sound of the door closing is soft, the seats are cool, cool, heated, air-conditioned – too comfortable to sit back and think about contracts to sign (kidding, I’m just a poor reporter working Salary!). Drive into the gear and glide smoothly, it’s almost impossible to hear any noise or vibration from the powertrain: the naturally aspirated V6 engine block and the near-silent 8-speed gearbox! It can be affirmed that soundproofing is always the great strength of every Lexus model. Unfortunately, the Lexus RX 350 F Sport doesn’t have a snuff.

So what about the driver’s seat experience? The feeling of the road in the steering wheel is almost non-existent, although the steering wheel has a relatively sensitive gear ratio (all the left and right steering is only 2.8 revs) and moderate power so it is quite compact. However, for Lexus customers, the feeling of the steering wheel is not very important and the Japanese automaker understands that.

With the attitude of a driving enthusiast, I do not find the RX 350 F Sport suitable for me and will not choose it (of course if you are lucky enough to have enough money to buy an SUV worth billions, hit Vietlot for example!). The Lexus RX 350 F Sport shares the same naturally aspirated 3.5L V6 engine with other RX models, but with slightly different power. RX 350L 290 hp, 356 Nm while RX 350 F Sport reaches 295 hp, 360 Nm.

The F Sport version is assembled on a standard chassis so it is about 105 kg lighter than the RX 350L 7-seat version (1,990 kg compared to 2,095 kg). Although the suspension is slightly tweaked and a few aesthetic details such as the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel, the F Sport really does not deserve the word “Sport” in its name. I call it F (ake) Sport! –

RX350L accelerates 0-100 km / h in about 8.5 seconds, while the F Sport version takes about 8.2 seconds, faster but still not penetrated compared to European models. Both can reach a maximum speed of 200 km / h.

F (ake) Sport!

These performance parameters are not very impressive for German rivals but if you are interested in driving pleasure, the RX is not right for you. It serves different customer groups completely. Small details such as accelerator pedal, superficial brake pedal or V6 engine are not too intense in the midrange and high range makes the driving enthusiasts immediately remove the RX 350 F Sport from the list of dream cars.

The suspension structure of the RX series is quite strange with the front McPherson structure and dual rear arms, while all rivals from Germany choose the double front swingbar structure, multi-point connection behind. Perhaps this is a decision to cut the cost of research and production of Lexus. Remember, the RX is built on the basis of the Highlander, so it will be very expensive to redesign the RX’s suspension. This suspension makes the car operate very smoothly but when cornering at a slightly high speed, the RX 350 F Sport immediately “out of breath” compared to the cars driving in the segment or the BMW X5 for example.


I think the RX series is for customers who have used Toyota / Lexus cars. They are a loyal customer group, extremely satisfied with the quality of the car and after-sales service of Lexus. The strength of Toyota / Lexus is the durability and reliability of the models they sell, plus the extremely high liquidity value of old models – just compare the price of old Lexus models with German cars. same age to see the difference. The fourth generation of RX continues to promote these strengths of the Japanese automaker. I personally would not choose the Lexus RX if I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to buy a high-priced car, but after experiencing this “holy” car, I fully understand why this is a luxury crossover that dominates the segment. A song in Vietnam (and in America too!).

Score: 8/10


– Distinctive design
– Quiet, quiet
– Own all the typical advantages of Lexus vehicles


– Many interior details are not worthy
– Performance is poor with direct opponent
– Fuel wasted

Vi Phạm (Tuoitrethudo)


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