[Đánh giá phim] Spider-Man Away From Home - Ahihi you idiot!

[Đánh giá phim] Spider-Man Away From Home – Ahihi you idiot!

Spider Man: Far From Home is the second private film of Spidey Spider under the Marvel roof, and the first film that Baby must act alone without Tony's father. This time, the Spider Man faced the Elemental, the entities created from four earth, air, water and fire elements from the parallel universe to swallow the Earth. Accompanying Spider in the mission is Mysterio, a man claiming to be a warrior from the parallel universe of the Elemental flood.

Why should you go see Spider Man: Far From Home?

As a Marvel fan

Marvel fans do not need this review, because if there is any compliment, they also go and sit until the screen runs out of black credit. Many people finished watching Endgame with tears, vowing to not be able to sit through a Marvel movie. But no. Surely you will still go see it. As bad as Venom, there are others who are watching it.


This is the first time that hard-boiled audiences have been softened by the start of the Marvel logo, because it is a tribute to the Avengers who died in the war against Thanos, on the background of the song I Will Always Love You of the title song Whitney Houston.

The action is overwhelming and extremely satisfying

Far From Home takes Spider across Europe, all of which are famous beautiful cities: Venice, Prague, London. Winding through famous buildings, behind is a charming romantic scene … Browse the context. In each city, Baby Spider has an action sequence. Not as crowded as the Avengers, Far From Home is like the spirit of Spider-Man: quick, smart, focused. Spying on the Elemental's landslide punches, throwing themselves in midair between thousands of flying devices that constantly attacked.


Unlike the standard format, which consists of three large scenes that we are familiar with in Marvel movies, Far From Home has a lot of cumulative action sequences spread throughout the film, making sure the audience can't breathe. But keep it, because the last battle will be the brainpower, superpower and technology race between Be Spider and villain, not to miss even a second. The angle of shooting is like attaching a device to the head of Spider.

Cute humor


This movie is the kind of idiot of the newcomers. Who is going to save the world, but the mind keeps asking for love on the Eiffel Tower. This psychology seems to go against the Spider-Man's adult progress in the Avengers, but others may think it's incredibly real and cute. In general, the jokes and humorous situations in the movie are moderately fit, enough to highlight the friendly Baby Spider brand, not being ungainly like Amazing Spider Man.

Super hot aunts and uncles

Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) is one of those who disappeared in Thanos's snap, so when she came back after 5 years, she still didn't add any wrinkles, but suppose she was a little older (year now she is 54 years old, her beauty and charm are still not in decline. The niece MJ is young, but the charm can only be achieved in years. Auntie likes to wear jeans that show off so thoroughly that she is called a good brain. The grandchildren from the aphrodisiac to a girl with a husband all love her eyes.


Uncle Quentin Beck, aka Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) is equally hot with dreamy blue eyes and beard jaw. The girls don't worry about the Mysterio aquarium that will hide his beautiful face. Disney also knew that hiring a good actor like him was a waste of money, so he took advantage of his beauty and acting ability. His character is honestly not built very well, simple, but through acting acting, he is better.


Praise Baby Spider quote man (Tom Holland) is still cute and talkative, even though this part has less to say. Baby has a future to replace Mr. Chris Evans as American Ass.

After credit

True Marvel fans will not stand up before the projector turns off. But it is also worth mentioning that the mid credit and after credit of Far From Home is extremely worthwhile, the content hint for the following and revealing the direction of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the coming years.

Cons: slightly stupid

Life is nothing perfect, and so is this movie. Although I know this is a movie about a high school boy, but I don't need to be like a kid movie. The righteous side in Far From Home is so easy to deceive that the viewer just wants to scream heavenly, that trick, it tricked like a winning phone call, but Spider-Man, and even the director S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury and future director Maria Hill also believe in the news. For those who do not know who Mysterio is, the content of the first 1/3 of the movie is a bit convincing, but the fans who know Mysterio's identity are very disappointed. However, the head is better than the last one, after the deceitful result, the screenwriter is well-informed and gives the audience 2/3 of the remaining content with tight content.


In short, go and see. Contraindicated with kids who don't know what Marvel is, those who are stupid in every scene ask him, what is he doing, and idiots who like to show themselves and explain for the second type, well and last category is children under 13 years old.


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