Dangerous image Apache training with Ka-52K

Dangerous image Apache training with Ka-52K

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                        The Egyptian Navy has released images of a special drill with helicopter crews attacking Apache and Ka-52K.

The drill took place in December 2019 but has only been published so far. According to the published image, both US-made Apache helicopters and Russian-purchased Ka-52Ks appear on the French-acquired Mistral helicopter carrier.

The special thing is that even though they are in the equipment of the Egyptian Army, this is the first time that both of these attack helicopters have participated in sea exercises.

Photo of Apache's archives using Ka-52K
Images of Apachee and Ka-52 also appear on the Mistral.

In 2015, the Egyptian Navy signed a contract with Rosoboronexport Russia to buy 46 Ka-52K combat helicopters, becoming the first foreign customer of this helicopter. Deliveries to Egypt of the export version of the Ka-52 helicopter have been made since July 2017.

Also in 2015, Egypt signed a contract with France to buy two Mistral-class helicopter carriers (which were manufactured for sale to Russia). The actual value of the contract to buy two Mistral ships of Egypt amounted to 950 million euros. This funding is thought to be primarily funded by Saudi Arabia.

The first of two ships, Gamal Abdel Nasser (the former name of the Russian manufacturer Vladivostok) was transferred to the Egyptian Navy in Saint-Nazaire on June 2, 2016 and arrived in Alexandria on June 23, the year. 2016. The second ship, Anwar al-Sadat (formerly Sevastopol), was shipped to Egypt on September 16, 2016.

For Apache, in 1995, Egypt ordered 36 AH-64A helicopters. These Apache were delivered with avionics like the US fleet at the time, except for indigenous radio equipment.

In 2000, Boeing issued an order to reproduce Egypt’s current Apache fleet for the AH-64D configuration, with the exception of the Longbow radar, which was rejected by the US government. Egypt ordered 12 additional Apache AH-64D Block II with Longbow radar through a foreign paramilitary sale in 2009.

Some photos of rehearsals

Photo of Apache's archives using Ka-52K
Photo of Apache's archives using Ka-52K
Photo of Apache's archives using Ka-52K

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