[Đang cập nhật] Review iPhone X after 3 years: Still bringing a lot of emotions, it's hard to say all in words ...
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[Đang cập nhật] Review iPhone X after 3 years: Still bringing a lot of emotions, it’s hard to say all in words …

It’s been 3 years since Apple warmed up the technology market with iPhone X – Completely changing the exterior design. In those days, the iPhone X was like a breath of fresh air blowing into the hearts of many iFans all over the region, whether near or far. But does the story continue today? While the technology has changed dramatically, Apple smartphones only bring small improvements. It’s 2020, but let’s reevaluate the iPhone X

iPhone X
iPhone X White version with you model.

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Note: I used the iPhone X version 3 GB RAM with 64 GB storage memory. This iPhone has now been updated to its latest operating system, iOS 13.5.1 with the current battery status of 100%.

1. The design is too old, but holding the iPhone X still brings a lot of indescribable emotions

First, I will talk about the overall design of the iPhone X. It must be acknowledged that the design of the iPhone X still brings an indescribable beauty when processed by luxurious metal material, creating a feeling. elegant and make it difficult for users to take their eyes off. I myself have used a lot of different phones on the market, but somewhere iPhone X still brings its own charm, style.

The overall design of the iPhone X
The overall design of the iPhone X.

What do you think of the luxurious and glossy metallic material of the iPhone X? It is this material that exalts the hidden beauty of the device and scores points in the eyes of the fans. By the time Apple launched the iPhone X, thousands of fans were excited because they could no longer see the old design of the iPhones, with thick top / bottom edges and touch ID.

hold the iPhone X
The luxurious beauty of iPhone X.

Shiny metal is there, but the iPhone X is too fragile and fragile like a glass cup. I just accidentally bumped the corner of the machine with the wall door, suddenly the corner was chipped off. This is a very sad thing and the metal material should be stronger and stronger than that. Anyway, the iPhone X has been a phone for three years now and it’s no wonder that many of the good old days of the device no longer stand out.

the back of iPhone X
Design of the back of the iPhone X version White.

The version I use to evaluate the color of White enhances the beauty and elegance of the iPhone X. White is the color of pure gentleness, the color of peace and clarity. I firmly believe that this color scheme will suit many different users. On the back you will see the device is covered with a glossy toughened glass, with the familiar Bitten Apple logo and the words iPhone. The upper left corner has a dual camera cluster and the image quality is still “dainty peach”. The back is beautiful but it’s easy to stick with your fingerprints.

The iPhone X's glossy back
The version I use to evaluate the white color enhances the beauty and elegance of the iPhone X.

Because of the small size, when holding it, it feels very comfortable and neat. Although the majority of smartphones on the market are increasing in size every day to provide the best experience, but I still like small phones for ease of use with one hand, convenient to remove. pocket and carry with you.

The back of iPhone X
The feel of holding the iPhone X is very compact and fits comfortably.

2. The iPhone X screen used to make iFan flutter

That day, iPhone X made iFan extremely hesitated when put on the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus scales. Owning the same Apple A11 Bonic chip and having the same dual camera cluster, but one of the biggest changes is the beautiful notch. Combined with increasing the screen size to the maximum thanks to the thin edges, the iPhone X’s screen has a feeling of using hands and refreshment.

IPhone X screen
The iPhone X’s compact screen

Although the screen size of the iPhone X is only 5.8 inches, I do not feel any disappointment at all. The iPhone X offers a crisp display space thanks to the integrated OLED panel, with black depth. The big advantage is that the sewing size is not too large, so you will not feel the phenomenon of grain on the screen and feel the brilliant scenery encapsulated in the Apple iPhone X.

iPhone X display interface
iPhone X owns 5.8-inch screen, HD + resolution with beautiful OLED panels.

However, if used long, the iPhone X screen will appear streaks that affect more or less the experience. You should use a little carefully and avoid colliding iPhone X with other sturdy objects, lest the device have problems and have to take it to the store.

The complete article will be fully updated on Friday, June 19, 2020. Hope you guys watch and watch.

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iPhone X 64GB

Screen: 5.8 “, Super RetinaCPU: Apple A11 Bionic 6 coreRAM: 3 GB, ROM: 64 GBCamera: Main 12 MP & Secondary 12 MPSelfie: 7 MPPIN: 2716 mAh, with fast charging

Edited by Nguyen Anh Tuan

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