[CyberRider]Nantai Three Light Brigade with CB1100RS

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From the intersection of Zhongxiao East and West Roads in Taipei City in the north; the intersection of Zhongshan South and North Roads, to the intersection of Jianguo Road and Hesheng Road Section 2 and 3 in Pingtung City in the south (connecting with Tai Line 1), the 438.7 km Taisan Line is available It is said to be an important road in western Taiwan after Taiwan.

However, although the Taisan Line in the north feels like a large road with a lot of traffic. However, because most of the road sections in the south are winding through the mountains, in addition to narrow roads, continuous bends and variable weather in the mountains, this also affects the utilization rate of roads.

However, because of this, Nantaisan has naturally become a holy place for motorcyclists. Every holiday, the four-in-one waves echoing in the valley, and the high speed between the forward and backward gears, made the knight unconsciously speed up, killing the bends all over Nantai San to a realm of blood flow.

However, if you slow down, you will find that the roadside is actually beautiful. Even if it’s just an unknown stream (in fact, it is Zeng Wenxi), it’s worth stopping by. And if you go into the mountains from here, in addition to the Qingyun Waterfall, you can also take the Shanmei Industrial Road to Tai 18 to the direction of Alishan.

▲The Zhonglun Yuanshuixi Hot Spring, which is just beside the road, is a mud hot spring with the same origin as Guanziling in Tainan. A soup house with a public pool and independent space. Those who like hot springs may wish to relax here and enjoy the great baptism of nature.

▲This is the upper catchment area of ​​Zengwen Reservoir, which is the lakeside park in Dapu. Due to the lack of water, the land that should have been submerged in water turned out to be a beautiful grassland. There is a camping area here, and the only petrol station in this section of the Taisan Line is also here, so if you want to camp here, it is a very convenient place.

CB1100RS 003▲Overlooking the direction of the reservoir from an aerial shot of Tai Po

CB1100RS 006▲It’s so easy to swim in Nantai Sanshang.

unnamed▲A Po Bay on the third line of Taiwan that riders must stop. The curse of “riding slower, riding so fast is to eat miraculous” has become an amazing classic sentence for grandma!

▲The famous “Gan Qiao Grandma” on Taiwan Third Line is actually a typical representative of Knife Mouth Tofu Heart. Those passing by, remember to park the car before going in, and don’t even rush in with the car.

▲Zengwen Reservoir, located at the junction of Tainan and Chiayi, is the largest reservoir in Taiwan. Apart from enjoying the scenery of the reservoir in the park, you can also take a boat tour to appreciate the scenery from different angles.

▲Tsengwen Reservoir, the largest in Taiwan, if you pass Nantaisan in a hurry, you will miss her beautiful face.

▲A view of the upper reaches of the reservoir by aerial photography from the top of the dam

CB1100RS 013▲A viewing building that can be taken up by elevator

The car used this time is the classic re-enacted CB1100RS from HONDA. The air-cooled (oil-cooled exhaust) CB1100RS with four cylinders in parallel and a total displacement of 1140cc is a standard street car with a maximum horsepower of 88hp and a maximum torque of 9.3kg/m. However, although the appearance is simple and even shows some old-fashioned atmosphere, it is actually a completely modern technology product in its bones.

Compared with the modern version of the CB1000R, the CB1100RS will not be as full of vigor as the CB1000R. But this is not to say that the CB1100RS is not strong enough, it is simply a different setting. In other words, if you like strong sports, go for CB1000R! If you like the traditional air-cooling taste and the pace itself is unhurried, then CB1100RS will definitely meet your needs.

In fact, as far as the South Taiwan III is concerned, unless the CB1100RS is required to compete with the sports model, it is actually quite sufficient. And the point is, the ride is very comfortable. Whether it is the comfort of the cushion or the smoothness of the operation, it makes people feel a sense of smoothness. Even the continuous long-distance bend road conditions like Nantaisan, also make people very leisurely.

Original source: The third line of Romance Taiwan, and the CB1100RS South Taiwan Three Light Brigade

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