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DSC05308▲The only use of colorful tiles, and blended into the gorgeous style of the temple cut and glue, plus the gods and various meanings of animals and plants, it must be extremely luxurious at the time.

When the living conditions reach a certain level, humans will naturally come up with some things. Showing off wealth has never happened now. In past dynasties, regardless of East and West, art and wealth have always been inseparable. Because when the stomach is not full, who still has time to appreciate the so-called art. But precisely because of this, one can know from the aesthetics of a nation that their literacy is at the level of under-eating; if they are full, they are still full.

CB1000R 015▲Using modern classics to shuttle between ancient classics, in addition to romance or romance.

Although Taiwan has experienced many cultural influences, most of the old streets are left over from the era of Japanese occupation. And because Japan absorbed a large amount of European culture during the Meiji Restoration, the most common architectural style in Taiwan’s old streets is the so-called Japanese Baroque architecture.

CB1000R 012

CB1000R 013

The earliest history of Daxi should belong to the Atayal sphere of influence. Then it prospered under the invasion of foreigners, yes, it is the so-called Taiwanese entering and developing commercial activities. At that time, the abundant camphor and tea were transported by the Dahan River waterway that had not yet deposited, so the Daxi area, formerly known as Daguxian, was developed into a lively settlement. In the Taisho period of the Japanese occupation, under the “urban plan” of the time, Daxi Old Street took on its appearance at this time.

CB1000R 014▲The top peacocks, dragon fish and golden toads, as well as the images of flowers and fruits, not only show the strength of the family business, but also explain the desire of the owner.

CB1000R 003▲The owner of this standard large formal building is rumored to be a scholar of the Qing Dynasty.

The so-called Baroque style must know what happened in Europe at that time. In terms of the development of architecture, it must be traced back to the ancient Greek and Roman times. Therefore, some of the architectural details we saw in Daxi were actually passed down from that time. Of course, it’s not that simple, but to put it simply, in the later Renaissance, contemporary masters created a new generation of styles, and Japan was reborn under the Meiji Restoration, and therefore absorbed a lot of architecture. The elements, and the style and features of the Daxi district, took shape under such circumstances.

CB1000R 004▲The huge shell with obvious western style, only Venus was standing on it.

CB1000R 005▲Doric stigma with gorgeous pattern of oriental dragon fish

CB1000R 007▲Colin’s new stigma commonly seen in Roman temples

CB1000R 002▲Ionian stigma and continuous flower decoration

Weeds and flowers beside the Suzaku Bridge, the setting sun is slanting at Wuyi Lane In the old days, Wang Xietang’s Yan Yan flew into the homes of ordinary people.

CB1000R 009

Could it be that I will tell you the palm of the Tathagata? That’s right, just to let you know that this plaque of the Wuyi Old Clan has already demonstrated the brilliance of the family.

CB1000R 006▲In the property of the local Lv family, the two unicorns on the left and right walls are stepping on piano, chess, calligraphy and painting respectively, and the arcade column vault is decorated with colorful cut and glued flowers.

CB1000R 008▲The rococo-style commercial buildings, the majestic double-pillar structure and the dome are astonishing as a temple. In fact, this was indeed a mansion built by wealthy businessmen at that time.

DSC05297▲An ancient road that is convenient for business travel has witnessed the rise and fall of Dahan River.

When you come to Lao Cai, don’t just eat and drink, just wander around. Look at these gorgeous and complicated decorations. The reason why they can pass through the long history is the classic representative of aesthetics. The representative buildings of Daxi are mainly on the three roads of Heping Road, Zhongshan Road and Zhongshan Road. Friends who are interested, might as well find a time to roam.

CB1000R 010

CB1000R 016▲This picture is not Daxi Old Street, but Sanxia Old Street near Daxi.

After the prosperous and prosperous age, Daxi, which has risen by waterways, will eventually face the decline of the change of things.

CB1000R 017

CB1000R 018

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