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X ADV-003▲Spending a whole day leisurely with the waterfall hidden in the valley is the highest state of life.

For many people, Wutai Township may have been to many times, but apart from the relatively remote Hayouxi Hot Springs introduced earlier, most of them should also be the Aiyu from the Shenshan tribe and they will go down after eating. Right? However, in addition to Wutai Village, Wutai Township actually includes Jiamu Village, Dawu Village, Jilu, Ali, Haocha and other villages.

DSC03392▲I used HONDA’s X ADV to come here, and I deeply experienced what it means to be the highest pleasure without being restricted by terrain.

But this is actually quite reasonable. Because you follow the Taiwan Route 24, after passing the registration station for entering the mountain, you will definitely pass through the two villages of Shenshan and Wutai (unless you deliberately go to German or Jiamu). The two most familiar places are Aiyu and Sakura. In addition, due to the 88 typhoon disaster many years ago, many tribes (Jiamu and Dawu were partly moved to the village, Jilu, Ali, and Haocha were all moved to the village) also gradually faded out of the road due to the relocation of the village. memory.

20190220_161836▲Are you also the one who left after eating Aiyu with your phone?

However, if you just enjoy the scenery at the Tanigawa Bridge and eat a love jade at the sacred mountain, well, you might also buy a Kinafu or Xiaomi donuts in Wutai, and then hit the Sakura King. But if you go down the mountain and go home like this, alas, then you simply missed the great scenery here.

X ADV-006

▲For a limited period of time, you must go fast. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the next opening.

Ali Tribe

So, let’s start with the Ali tribe. The road conditions to the Ali tribe, except for the slightly rugged part, are generally fine. However, since the Ali tribe is only open on certain days (such as the cherry blossom season, or other specific times. For details, please contact the Wutai Township Office), so most of the itinerary will be blocked at 44.5K on Taiwan 24 . That is, before the big red gate controlled by the tribe, one must turn back. Because of this, I was not far away from the Red Gate; the two great collapses that went to the Ali tribe were only fortunate to be seen by the destined.

DSC03305▲The shocking Jilu Village (which has moved) hanging in the air is the pain of the earth and the villagers.

Due to the relocation of the village, it seems that only the leader of the tribe remains. But as long as it is open, the tribe will also sell grilled mountain pork, sausages, and oden.

DSC03393▲ X ADV posing in front of the boss’s house

DSC03280▲The pattern of the woman and the hundred-pacer snake in the middle of the slate house is the poignant legend of the tribe.

X ADV-004▲You can consume wild pork, but don’t consume the enthusiasm of aboriginal friends. Come here as a guest, and you must respect the customs of the aboriginal friends.

DSC03289▲The refreshing blue.

On the way to the Ali tribe, the two great collapses caused by natural disasters are the most shocking scenery. And Jilu Village, which has almost fallen into the deep valley, is even more shocking at the time.

DSC03254▲The school building of the abandoned school in the Ali tribe.

DSC03257▲The urn symbolizing wealth is the tradition of the tribe.


▲Ali Tribe Eco-cultural Experience Service Station.

DSC03262▲Because of the relocation of the village, the tribe presents the scene of people going to empty buildings.

In fact, before being damaged, the ancient road leading to the deep mountains was the trail to Xiaogui Lake; even Taitung’s trail. However, these people seem to have become memories in the legend. Therefore, taking advantage of this 228 consecutive holidays (according to the leader of the Ali tribe, the opening time this year was originally from the beginning of the Lunar New Year holiday until 228, but due to the fact that the cherry blossoms have not fully bloomed, it is possible that the 228 consecutive holidays will not be reopened until the 228 consecutive holidays are over. Closed), friends who want to see the beauty of the Ali tribe must seize the opportunity.

Ailiao Beixi Valley, Dawu tribe to Shenshan tribe section

unnamed▲To get down to the Dawu-Shenshan section of Ailiao Beixi, you can go from the Shenshan tribe or towards the Dawu tribe.

When CyberRider came to Dawu tribe last time, it was to go to the Hayouxi Hot Springs in the upper reaches of Ailiao Beixi. Because of this, he did not move in the direction of Kamiyama Jiamu’s connection path. In fact, although this road is called Shenshan Jiamu Connection Road (if you descend from Shenshan Tribe), it is a temporary connection road set up by the previous natural disasters, so it is actually impossible to reach Jiamu at present. Strictly speaking, the current Shenshan Jiamu connection road is only from the Shenshan tribe down to the stream bed, and the road after that should be just a road for engineering.

20190206_140129▲From Taiwan Line 24 to Shenshan Tribe, you can see the sign of “Shenshan Jiamu Contact Road”.

20190206_135650▲Go straight down the road on the left, and cut down to the section of Ailiao Beixi.

To reach this stream bed, you can go to the Dawu tribe from the Dawu connection road between Shenshan and Wutai, or you can take the Shenshan Jiamu connection road from the Shenshan tribe. However, no matter where you go from, the steep and narrow mountain road must be slowed down on the road (the road condition is basically no problem).


▲This is from Da Butuan to the direction of Shenshan.

DSC03032▲On the side near the Dawu tribe, there is also a Feilong Waterfall hidden in the gully.

X ADV-002

▲Very beautiful waterfall, but because it is hidden in the gully, you will miss it if you don’t pay attention.

X ADV-001

▲To reach Feilong Waterfall, you must walk across the stream, and you must pay attention to whether the stream is too rushing to avoid danger.

In terms of overall road conditions, the two connecting lanes are not too difficult except for some bumps. However, the sidewalk along the valley is a road used by large engineering vehicles, so it is a rugged and unpaved road with puddles (a short section), gravel and gravel. Therefore, if you are using only a general vehicle type (non-cross-country model), it is actually not impossible, it will shock you to the one you don’t need. Of course, if you are riding this X ADV, I think you have already seen its capabilities.

DSC03352▲Walking along the Ailiao North Stream, there will not be too much difficulty due to the construction road.


▲Along the way, there are breathtaking natural sceneries.

DSC03356▲Empty and secluded, off the beaten track, strolling in it, life is happy.


▲An unknown waterfall on the side of the road, maybe the lower reaches of Shenshan Waterfall?

Here comes the point. Although this is just a stream bed, the beautiful scenery along the way will only know the majesty of the heavens and the earth if you walk by yourself. If you come from the Dawu tribe first, you will begin to enter the terrain of the canyon after passing a section of sandy grass full of one-person height. And in the gully on the opposite bank, there is a very beautiful Feilong Waterfall. Keep going, the towering mountain walls and the landscape that has been washed by thousands of years begin to take over your body and mind. Scenes after scenes of natural masterpieces are constantly being carved with all kinds of supernatural craftsmanship. Walking alone here makes people feel the incomparable greatness of the world and the incomparable insignificance of oneself.

X ADV-005▲There is a short section of submerged section on the way. But it will not be very deep, just wet.

DSC03367▲In some places, the water may disappear in one flood. Therefore, we must grasp the limited and superb view during the dry season.

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