[CyberRider]A relaxed life with HONDA “CB650F”

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Riding a motorcycle to camp, for such a thing, I believe it is an activity that many bikers would secretly envy. Especially when I see other bikers taking pictures of where they go camping, I always think about how good they should be if they are myself.

However, considering the camping equipment, location, and even where to start, for a completely inexperienced person, riding a bike to camp is probably as difficult as learning to ride a bike at the beginning. Therefore, this time we will focus on newcomers who want to go camping by bike but have no camping experience at all.

004▲Seeing where your friends go camping, does it also make you yearn for?

For people who are completely inexperienced, the first problem is the problem of equipment. What should I buy? How to use it? What should I pay attention to? It can be said that there is no clue at all. Because of this, our advice is: don’t buy anything.


006▲For those who have no experience in camping, let’s start with the experience!

The reason for this is that you may only be on the rise, and even whether you can spend the night in the wild will test you. In addition, due to lack of experience, you may also buy equipment that is not applicable; or you may waste money by not using equipment at all.

010▲Camping is enviable, but it is not suitable for you. It is best to experience it step by step.

So, how do people who want to try camping take the first step?


016▲Find a camping area not too far away from home to experience whether you are used to sleeping outside.

We actually recommend that people who want to go camping by bike start with the camping area. Because some camping areas actually provide equipment rental services (you can contact us in advance to confirm). Even the tent will help you set up well. All you have to do is ride a bike, experience whether the camping method is suitable for you, and then make further decisions.


009▲Just like choosing a car, you can’t really understand your needs without experiencing it.

This is actually like riding a bicycle. All kinds of cars have different positioning and tonality of car design. You may ride this one and feel good, just ride it longer. If you feel that it is not suitable for you, you may switch to a different design style or meet your own needs.

Take HONDA’s CB650F as an example, although for experienced people, it may think that his displacement is not large enough, or that the shape of a street car is not as handsome as a sports car. But for a knight who is just getting started, the positioning of CB650F is actually more appropriate. Because of his easy and easy riding setting, even a beginner rider will not find it difficult to control. In addition, the dense sound of the four-cylinder can definitely satisfy the thrill of riding.


011▲Although fully prepared “camping” cannot be called a real camping, it is mainly for you to experience whether you are suitable for a wild lifestyle.

Based on our setting this time, we chose a camping area near Taipei. In this way, you will not ride too far, but you can experience the experience of sleeping outside. Especially the camping area is right by the sea, and the whistling wind and waves are actually a test for those who are not used to it. As for the food part, since there are catering near the camp, it can be solved without doing it yourself.

Of course, this kind of camping method prepared entirely by others is definitely not true camping, but once you can accept this “inconvenient” “wild” life, you can naturally consider further purchasing equipment and the like.


008▲Living life easily is actually that simple.

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