Cyber ​​security tools every business should know
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Cyber ​​security tools every business should know

With the situation of cybersecurity in general becoming increasingly complicated today, security experts are still popping out every hour across technology forums that cyber attacks will spread more and more. is broad and continues to pose serious threats to all users of technology, from individual users, businesses to government agencies.

In it, especially businesses – has become a prime target for most cybercriminals and internet breaches due to the extremely high economic value of data and information they are dealing with. management as well as storage.

In 2018, the world witnessed a series of serious data breaches targeting many large businesses, resulting in the personal and financial records of millions of customers being stolen and damaged. up to billions of dollars. Specifically, the number of confirmed data breaches in 2018 reached 12,449, an increase of 424% compared to 2017. This is an alarming situation that more than anyone, businesses themselves will have to know for themselves. how to protect yourself before asking for involvement from relevant agencies.

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Becoming a victim of cyber attacks has never been a pleasant “experience” for even large businesses because of the enormous financial losses they cause. According to calculations, the average processing cost per enterprise-level attack has risen to $ 1.1 million – a not small figure at all. Such losses can completely lead small and medium enterprises to bankruptcy.

According to statistics, up to 60% of small businesses are forced to close within 6 months after the “security disaster” when they are unable to repair and restore their business to the original state. But in addition to the economic losses, the main factor contributing to “knocking out” companies after an information security incident is the loss of the credibility and confidence of customers and partners.

After a series of issues mentioned above, perhaps it is not necessary to say more about the urgency to improve and protect enterprise-grade information networks and security infrastructure against unpredictable developments. network attack.

Fortunately, the global network of cybersecurity is constantly evolving and improving to keep up with the evolving threats on internet. Here are 5 tools that we think every business should consider adding to their arsenal of “strategic defense weapons” to strengthen their defense, minimize any risks that may occur. .

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Enterprise cyber security

  • XpoLog activity log analysis
  • Application and Data Protection – Imperva
  • Penetration behavior test – Metasploit
  • Prevent phishing attacks – Hoxhunt
  • Fraud Detection – Riskified
  • Develop investment strategy for network security

XpoLog activity log analysis

A prerequisite before taking any security incident response is that businesses must have an accurate grasp of what is happening in their infrastructure. The good news is that all modern computer systems and digital devices feature an activity logging mechanism that is flexibly designed for a wide variety of situations as well as computing and data processing processes. inside them. In general, logs can reveal patterns and trends that are more likely to be a sign of a security breach or a malware intrusion into a device or system.

XpoLog activity log analysis

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However, since log files are essentially “repositories” that hold information stored in plain text format, performing log file analysis manually can be a process. difficult, very laborious and time consuming.

One way to effectively exploit the logs is to use a log analysis tool like XpoLog. The solution used here is simply to collect log files from a variety of sources such as servers, terminals, and applications in real time. The application then mobilizes the help of artificial intelligence (AI) to synthesize, analyze and evaluate the information stored in these log files, thereby identifying other alarm patterns. together. The detailed information obtained through the analysis can easily inform the administrator of the status of the system as well as any issues that need attention.

You can download and try the XpoLog log analysis app here.

Application and Data Protection – Imperva

Before deciding to launch a targeted hacking campaign, cybercriminals will constantly probe a business’s infrastructure, so it’s important to have mechanisms in place that can stop them. Immediately block malicious traffic from accessing key network resources such as web applications and databases … for the purpose of collecting information.

This can be done easily through the use of web application firewall systems (WAFs) and data protection services.

Application and Data Protection - Imperva

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Imperva is one of the leading names when it comes to WAF services as well as in mitigating and blocking distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks – which is also a popular form of cyberattacks. business in the world. Almost every organization or business today maintains a hybrid infrastructure platform that includes on-premises devices and cloud components like templates, storage, and data warehouses.

Imperva’s WAF can be deployed to protect the above-mentioned resources. Imperva essentially configures the traffic and transactions executed, and prevents the traffic and malicious actions from entering these components.

You can download and try the Imperva web application firewall system here.

Penetration behavior test – Metasploit

Integrating security tools into your infrastructure is an important thing to do, but it is also important to check whether these tools are working properly or not.

Once again, businesses should not wait until the cyber attacks have actually happened before starting to find out if the security solution that we have deployed before works effectively. not or wrong where. It is an extremely negative, passive, “losing cow to build” approach and does not really mean much in preventing a security disaster. In return, proactively self-test your defense system according to a specific route, this is completely within the reach of the business.

The system administrators can perform penetration testing using third-party frameworks like Metasploit. It is an open source tool that can be configured to scan for exploit behavior and even deploy a payload on vulnerable systems.

Penetration behavior test - Metasploit

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In addition, Metasploit also has the ability to identify selective evasion tools, capable of circumventing existing security measures. This application is currently available on popular operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Early detection of loopholes in security fences gives companies the chance to fix potential problems before an attack actually occurs, helping to minimize the damage involved. to security.

You can download and try the Metasploit penetration testing tool here

Prevent phishing attacks – Hoxhunt

The human factor is always the biggest link in every security hole in an enterprise network security system, this is a proven fact.

According to statistics, up to 90% of cyber security breaches are found to originate from human mistakes. This is why cybercriminals actively use social engineering attacks such as phishing to infiltrate and hijack infrastructure despite the most advanced defense systems in place. Businesses have invested without regret in the past few years.

Such attacks usually target internal members of the network. Hackers will trick them into giving their credentials or installing malware into their systems to steal information. HoxHunt is one of the “special treatment” tools for this problem. By guiding and assisting users to check whether an email sent is a phishing message, or the website you intend to visit is a malicious website.

Prevent phishing attacks - Hoxhunt

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In addition, businesses can also directly train and improve the ability to react to real situations for employees of the system by using phishing attacks. Hoxhunt’s AI-based control even allows the personalization of simulated attacks to accurately simulate how real-world attacks play out.

At the same time, users can also report these attacks via a special plugin and they will receive an immediate response on the level of test completion.

You can download and try the Hoxhunt phishing attack prevention tool here.

Fraud Detection – Riskified

It sounds ridiculous, but not all cyber attacks attempt to breach or steal information from companies. Another attack that businesses should pay special attention to is fraud.

Hackers and scammers now have access to millions of valid personal and financial information records that have been accessed from previous data breaches. From there, it is easy to manipulate the e-commerce channels of the business, causing losses of up to billions of dollars on a global level.

In this situation, the use of third-party fraud detection security solutions will be the best choice. Secure fraud detection tools like Riskified will provide you with comprehensive means to identify and prevent any fraud that may occur during your online transaction.

Fraud Detection - Riskified

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The method of operation is also very simple, Riskified uses AI (namely machine learning) to analyze each transaction and only allow legal, qualified orders to be processed. In addition, this tool also provides an automatic payment feature that adjusts based on the customer’s risk profile, providing a variety of means for customers to verify the safety of each purchase. surname.

For example, a client with a higher risk profile may be required to perform some additional verification steps without being completely rejected from transactions.

You can refer to Riskified solutions here:

Develop investment strategy for network security

Develop investment strategy for network security

An effective cybersecurity strategy requires businesses to pay attention to every aspect of what can be exploited by an attacker. At the same time this will also require comprehensive toolkits and solutions to keep the system infrastructure secure from any potential situation.

However, before investing in security systems, businesses should also consider all relevant factors such as cost, level, and efficiency (in theory). Be very careful when making investments of this type, avoiding the case of “money loss, disability”.


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