Cut and join videos with Avidemux easily

Cut and join videos with Avidemux easily

Avidemux is a software used to edit, cut, join video completely free and supports many different formats. You can remove the image and save only the audio file on that Video or vice versa just save the image and remove sound on that Video easily.

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There are many famous video cutting and joining software. Can you cut video with Corel VideoStuido or many other software.

Avidemux state video catalog

Here ElectrodealPro would like to introduce to you one more feature of Avidemux that is to cut and merge videos. To do this you follow the steps below.

Guide to cut and join Video with Avidemux

– To use Avidemux to cut and merge Video, you need to download and install the utility on your computer.

– You can download the latest version of Avidemux

Cut a Video

Step 1: After downloading to your computer, start the program Avidemux up, here you click File menu choose Open to open the Video you need to cut out.

Step 2: Here you Click the button Play in order for the video to play, you specify the segment to be cut and press the button Pause to stop then click on the button that says text A to mark the beginning of the cut

Step 3: After you have identified the first paragraph you continue to press the button Play to continue playing and then determine the end of the Video to be cut, press the button Pause then press the button that says text B to determine the following part of the Video to be cut

Step 4: So you have identified the video to cut.

– To cut this section, click Edit menu then click Cut or key Ctrl + X

Step 5: Before saving a Video file, you need to choose the format of the file, click Video Output To choose the right format, here I choose FLV

Step 6: Save the file, you click to select File then Click Save to save the Video

To join (join) a Video

Step 1: Before joining Videos, you must align videos so that the videos need to be stitched with the correct frame size and parameters.

– You open the first file to join (open as instructed in the steps above)

– Then you Click to select File menu then choose Append (or press a combination of keys Ctrl + A) to open the second Video File

Step 2: So you have joined two Video files into one complete video file, to save that file, you click File then click Save

Step 3: Select the partition to save the file to then Click Save

Finally you go in and check the results you have made.

So above we have instructed you how to cut and join Videos using Avidemux software. If not satisfied, you can consult and use some software video cut and join Other available in ElectrodealPro.
If you are afraid to install software, you can use the method Video joiner without software here that Taimienphi discussed offline.


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