Customers try Galaxy S21 Series for free for 14 days

( From February 5-11, 2020, customers who choose to own a Galaxy S21 Series at FPT Shop will not only receive instant lucky money of 2 million dong, but also try the product for 14 days.

From now to 11/02, customers choose to buy and pay Galaxy S21 + | S21 Ultra at FPT Shop will enjoy a special offer: free 14-day trial of the product. Specifically, if within 14 days from the date of the invoice, the customer who feels dissatisfied during the process of using the product can return the machine and get the full amount spent.

This is an opportunity that cannot be ignored for customers who are still wondering whether to own Samsung’s current hottest super product or not. Because, 14 days is enough time for users to get acquainted and experience most of the product’s features, from which to get their own feelings to decide to stick with ‘friends. This companion. As a side note, this offer will not apply to customers who choose to participate in “Old Autumn renewal”.


At the same time, from now to February 7, FPT Shop will immediately reduce VND 2,000,000 for Galaxy S21 Series. Thus, you will own Galaxy S21 + with preferential price only 23,990,000 VND; special prices for Galaxy S21 Ultra 128GB and 256GB versions are VND 28,990,000 and VND 31,990,000 respectively.

Add another attractive option at FPT Shop, you will easily own the super product Galaxy S21 + | S21 Ultra through the program “Old Autumn renewal”. Accordingly, just bring your old Samsung phone or iPhone to FPT Shop to launch the new Galaxy S21 Series, you will get an immediate discount of 5,000,000 VND and get the old device at a good price. Thus, in the best condition, you will save up to 25,000,000 VND when launching the new Galaxy S21 Series at FPT Shop.


More practical, customers can easily own the super product Galaxy S21 Series with 0% interest installment incentives through their financier or credit card. Additionally, all Galaxy S21 Series owners enjoy the business-class lounge privilege at major airports without the need for a reservation.


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