Customers of Resto Délice He wanted to "help out" by selling drugs

Customers of Resto Délice He wanted to “help out” by selling drugs

A man from Lévis who agreed to “help out some customers” of Resto Délice who were looking for cocaine by selling them drugs was given a 90-day detention sentence on Friday that he could serve intermittently.

At the end of spring 2018, the Police Department of the City of Lévis opened an investigation in connection with the restaurant located on Route du Président-Kennedy due to the high number of police interventions carried out on site, generally for intoxicated customers. , violence or disorder.

It is within the framework of this operation that in May, two undercover agents presented themselves to the restaurant and that they arrested the waitress to obtain “white”.

She then appointed Michaël Parent, who twice handed in the requested drug.

“At first, the police thought my client was involved in a network, but there was no connection. On the other hand, as he himself consumed, he could help out certain customers from time to time, ”said Mr.e Sarah Brouillette, defense lawyer.

She also told Judge Stéphane Poulin that “despite the stress of the arrest and legal proceedings”, her client was “happy” since this stop to act forced him, since, to stop all consumption.

In addition to the prison sentence, the 32-year-old man will have to respect a two-year probation period and the sum of $ 3,840 seized by the police was remitted to the Attorney General of Quebec as offense-related property.


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