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Custom phonebook profile images, iMessages with Memoji on iOS 13

In the past, we could put our own or a person's profile picture in a phonebook with photos or images collected online, etc., so that it was more intimate to contact each other or incoming calls. With iOS 13 we can use Memoji to make the profile image as well as increase the fun and character.

Change personal profile pictures with Memoji

To enter Settings (Settings) – TMessage printing (Messages)Share names and photos (Share Name and Photo) – choose the word Edit (Edit) under profile picture.

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At this point, there will appear some Memoji you created earlier, or you can press "+" to create a new Memoji. In my case, I chose Memoji to look like me the most, and then the device that lets you take a picture with the preview is Memoji, so just "Say cheese" is really fresh and POP!

Finally, the background color, depending on your personal preferences.

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You can tick on Contacts Only as above so that whenever you chat with iMessages with your relatives in your contacts, everyone will see that your profile picture has been changed.

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Thereby, you can easily change the Profile picture with Memoji on any of your contacts, just choose their name – choose Edit (Edit) is okay.

Note: Only True Depth devices are Memoji newly used camera like: iPhone X / iPhone Xs / iPhone Xs Max / iPhone XR / iPad Pro 2018.


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