Cuong Do La

Cuong Do La's wife accused the man who faked her husband with a profound message

( After discovering that someone was impersonating Cuong Do La, Dam Thu Trang had a sudden reaction.

The latest status line of businessman Nguyen Quoc Cuong's wife Dam Thu Trang has caught the attention of the online community. Accordingly, the beautiful Lang Son accused the impersonator of his husband's account on Tiktok. Although Cuong Do La's wife had a gentle reminder, this person still deserved it.

Specifically, Dam Thu Trang posted on his personal page: “Do I play tiktok? I also turned out to be really scary … Ever since I've been playing tiktok without telling my wife to let my wife go in for a break … I thought the joke turned out to have a tiktok account too guys. But it's that of some Nguyen Quoc Cuong, not his Cuong, but his name is called … A crazy answer on behalf of his friend Cuong is right. Ho ho "

Cuong Do La

Only with a gentle status line, Dam Thu Trang has exploited the impostor in a very civilized and equally profound way.

After the wedding, Dam Thu Trang and Cuong Do are having a happy married life filled with travel photos together. Plus, the two prepare to welcome the little angel.

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