Cuba summoned the US Ambassador to complain about the "abuses of human rights" in the United States

Cuba summoned the US Ambassador to complain about the “abuses of human rights” in the United States

The Cuban Foreign Ministry (Minrex) on Monday (April 5) confirmed that it had summoned the top US diplomat in the country, Ambassador Timothy Zúñiga-Brown, to protest. “Blatant and systematic human rights violations in the United States”.

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The accusation comes after the US State Department released its 2020 report on international human rights, which details the situation in every country in the world.

The 2020 report on Cuba shows that the state has consistently used violence to silence dissidents, as well as the lack of free speech and assembly provisions. The United States also accused Cuban state security forces of abusing power.

The response of the Cuban Communist Party comes after its “brotherhood” – the Chinese Communist Party – publicly criticized the US during its high-level meeting in Alaska last month, where Duong Khiet Tri declared. father United States “Ineligible to speak with China in a higher position” because they themselves have racism and human rights issues.

Cuba’s head of US affairs, Carlos Fernández de Cossío, told the US diplomat that “Serious and systematic human rights violations that take place in the United States as well as within the US government are common and have been reported,” according to a ministry press release.

“This includes racism, xenophobia, police brutality, prisoner torture, extended incarceration, secret prison use, anti-Semitism, McCarthism, and other forms of religious and ideological oppression, “ The Cuban Foreign Ministry (Minrex) explained. However, the Department did not cite any examples of these alleged cases.

Mr. Fernández de Cossío is said to have mentioned the fact that Cuba – along with other famous countries for human rights abuses such as China, Venezuela and Pakistan – are currently sitting on the United Nations Human Rights Council. That shows Cuba “Has an international reputation in the field of human rights,” he said. He also denied evidence presented by the US State Department about human rights abuses in Cuba.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez, Fernández de Cossío’s boss, also took to Twitter to condemn the United States.

Mr. Rodríguez writes: “We deny the allegations of deceit and politicization of Cuba in the State Department’s 2020 human rights report. This opportunistic, arbitrary and unilateral report did not tell the truth. We ask the US government to stop the discrediting campaign and stop intervening [vào Cuba]. “

Summoning the US special envoy to protest is seen as a victory for the Cuban Communist Party. On Tuesday, the Cuban Communist Party’s official state newspaper, Granma, wrote: “Cuba’s reputation in human rights has denied the US accusations.”

Notably, the Cuban government has not dismissed any of the State Department’s human rights reports, such as the death of dissident Sandi Fernandez Ortiz in police custody; the imprisonment of opposition leader José Daniel Ferrer; and the police raid on the headquarters of the San Isidro Movement – a collective of dissident artists in November.

The US State Department listed the Cuban communist state “Illegal killing, arbitrary killing; annihilate; torture, brutal treatment, inhumanity and humiliation of dissidents, arrestees and prisoners; prison conditions were harsh and life-threatening; arbitrary arrest and detention; political prisoners; serious issues about the independence of the judiciary; and arbitrary or illegal interference with privacy. ”

The State Department also accused the Cuban Communist Party of restricting religious freedom, denying free and fair citizenship, corruption and human trafficking.

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