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CSKN – Effectively use the "Do not disturb" feature on iPhone

Just as the name is "Do not Disturb – Do Not Disturb". On the iPhone, it helps me to avoid all notifications / notifications that at some point I need to be quiet, don't want to be bothered by messages on the phone. Can actively set up quickly or schedule it to work as you like. Can be activated quickly by commanding voice with Siri as soon as you want.

I am not the one who has many phone calls to personal phone numbers, limited to friends and family. However, it is inevitable that continuous Push Notifications from many places such as Mail, chat applications and especially group chat. When you need to be quiet, focus on something, or watch a movie, and especially when you go to bed, the no-hassle feature will help you remove all notifications from your phone, or even making the screen does not light up when a message is sent to the phone.

The first way: Voice commands to Siri with commands like "Turn on Do Not Disturb" or "Turn off Do Not Disturb" to turn it off.
Method 2: Swipe open the central control bar "Control Center" to touch the moon icon to activate immediately. Or touch and hold to open additional options menu like just opening for 1 hour / Tomorrow morning / Until you leave the current location.
Method 3: set a fixed running schedule According to the 24-hour timeline of a day.

Setting operations.

  • Set a fixed calendar: that is, you will set a time of day, for example when you go to bed from 0h until you want to receive notifications from the phone is 6am. The time between 0h and 6h the phone will turn off all notifications, including ringing, or vibrating alert, or when the screen lights up, everything is turned off.

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  • Mute setting: You can optionally always turn off all notifications when the non-disturbing feature is turned on. That is, even if you use your phone, there will not be any notifications displayed on your phone. Or it may optionally turn off notifications only when the phone screen is locked.
  • Call: When there is an incoming call, but the feature does not disturb is turned on, your phone is still silent, not notified, when you open the screen you will be notified of missed calls. And the end of the caller will receive the same signal as your phone is busy.
  • The second call is the previous call in 3 minutes, the machine will issue the same message as usual. This feature if you turn it off, every call will be turned off even if it is consecutive.

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  • In addition, the incoming call settings also give priority to the groups of people on your list, if the phone number is in the priority group you choose, the incoming call always has the same notification as usual.
  • Activate when not driving: The phone will use an accelerometer to recognize what you're driving, there are 3 options for you to choose whether to be Auto / When connecting Bluetooth to the car or clicking At first hand.

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  • Automatic answer: When there is an incoming call or message that the phone is in "Do not disturb" mode, you can customize the content for 1 message, it will be sent automatically to the phone number. contacted you. You can filter this automatic message delivery list for favorites, or for all calls.

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Hope you use it effectively, avoiding many distractions from your phone. Because there are not always good announcements that interest us, and many times we need quiet space, focus on doing other things.


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