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CSKN – Do's and don'ts for new Macbook users

This article I will share experiences, as well as give advice for you new owners Macbook, or are using the Macbook not properly. The purpose is that you will have some knowledge about how to preserve the computer properly, about using the machine when you are new, and help you be more confident in the process of using the Macbook. As well as being able to answer other questions for new Macbook novices.

Things not to do when using a Macbook.

  • Do not store the device in a backpack too tight, or insert multiple compression inside. Because most of the Macbook screens of later generations use thin panels, compression can affect the panel, which can make the screen blue, or black inside. This may not leave immediate consequences, but during use over time will leave bruises.

On the right is the screen that has been bruised, I have received a lot of feedback about the screen of the MacBook Pro series of the 2016 Pro series back here with this phenomenon, there is only a device to open the box for 2 months like this.
  • Restricting the cafe but leaving the glass next to the machine, this is one of the leading causes of computer damage caused by water. Let's get into the habit of leaving a glass of water far away, so if we have a spill, we won't spill into the keyboard area. Because this problem will not enjoy its warranty policies, and no matter how lucky it is, the percentage of keyboard damage, or reducing the use of the keyboard, is almost inevitable.

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  • Limit the use of unidentified, unknown origin accessories. Especially with the type of hub switch ports. If you use a poor-quality Hub, you may experience the fact that plugging in a computer will be disconnected from wifi, or if the hub is not used, it will heat up. Find a Hub that is at least one big brand, or if the demand doesn't need too many connectors, consider buying a genuine Hub that Apple Store sells for long-term use. Most, do not need to bother much.
  • Don't rush to believe the warning lines like "Your computer has been infected with a virus, install the abcxyz software to remove the virus", because it is the malicious code that could harm your computer. And for other anti-virus software is also really unnecessary, very rarely get feedback like someone using a Macbook with Virus slowed down, or lost data … etc. For most ordinary users, this is not necessary.
  • The Macbook is designed with aluminum cover, which gives off heat quickly, so if you are not familiar with it when you first use it, you may find it a bit hot if exposed directly to the back. Do not be afraid when your device still has no signs of hanging or lag. Or when you hear the fan whirring, then don't worry, because you may be running some application that maximizes the performance so the machine needs to increase the fan speed to cool it down.

Things to do when new to the Macbook.

  • Should clean the machine regularly, especially the keyboard area, just turn the keyboard upside down, rub it again and again, to have dirt particles if it is in it, it falls out. To prevent it from accidentally entering the key press mechanism, it is light, stuck, or heavy, damaging the structure of the keyboard. Can be cleaned with a damp cloth to wipe, or absorb a little water to wipe the glass on a small cloth and then wipe the screen, there is no problem, do not immerse the wet cloth is okay, just moist moisture is enough already.

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  • Using the device's built-in security tools, set the screen lock password for the device. Log in to your iCloud account and open Find My Mac in case you lose your device, and open more iCloud gadgets.

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  • Always update your device software to the latest version, don't worry or fear when upgrading your device's software, just go to the latest version. One is to use the new feature if any, 2 is to fix the lower version software bugs (if any), 3 is to have multiple updates to fix security issues of older operating system versions ( if any), everything is fine, if so, keep updating and experience it yourself.
  • To get the simplest start when getting to know your Mac computer, get used to managing your data files, which is to store it in the right place, in the right place, the "Finder" file management system. On the machine, there are full items such as Pictures, Documents, Music, Movies …. If there is external data, you just put it in the right place, it will facilitate the initial familiarization and management of file types in order, for simpler search.
  • Practice using the shortcut system, depending on the need to use. You do not need to learn all the shortcut systems, just use the ones that you use often. For example, I only use a few basic ones such as full screen capture (command + shift + 3), take a screenshot and want to cut 1 cell in which (Command + shift + 4 then use my cursor to select my cell need), exit the application (Command + Q), turn off a tab in the web browser (Command + W), or open another tab (Command + T), reload the page like F5 on the win (Command + R ) … Basically some of these, more than you can refer to this article to see the types of shortcuts.
  • Learn how to search for applications. Many people think that Macs don't have abc software as much as on Win, which may be true, but not quite right. If you need to use an application, after typing its name in the App Store and don't see it, don't rush to think it's not available for Mac. Or go to Google to drop its name and attach the word "For Mac". Because there are so many software that only provide their Web Download, not in the App Store, so you need to go to their website and download. Don't think it's like an iPad or an iPhone when every app goes to the App Store to load.
  • Should have an external hard drive. In addition to storing data you rarely use, or secure data. You can use an external hard drive to store File Backup your Mac computer. It's like when you Backup iPhone or iPad. Include all the settings, documents on your computer, encoded into 1 file. This is the Time Machine feature, you can set the Calendar Backup regularly for the machine to run automatically.

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  • For storage devices such as external hard drives, USB or memory cards, things that you will connect it to your Mac computer. The first thing you need to do is for Forrmat to return to ExFAT format. Because this format can be plugged into a Windows computer so you can exchange data without being asked to format it. I have a quick guide for you who do not know. Manipulate the Command + Space key to open the search bar, type "Disk Ultility", click on the device you want to Format, select the format and wait.

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In addition to the above advice, you are using if you feel like you need to give advice to new friends, please get more comments.
I will pause the article with the basic question and answer section, the following part will guide you to use the basics for anyone new to Mac. And if you are new to the device, there are questions that can be submitted in this article.

3 questions that I often meet with new users of Macbook / Mac OS in general, in addition to the questions you invite here.

Ask: Open the Macbook continuously, just fold up without turning off the power?
Reply: No problem, Mac OS does it very well, simply do not use it, fold it, and use it to open it. Even for machines from 2018, even if you have the power off, when you open the screen or you touch any key or Trackpad, the device will turn on the power for you to use ghost without pressing the key source. But of course, if you don't use it for a few days or weeks, turn it off.
Ask: Does the Macbook have Cr4ck software installed / unlocked?
Reply: Can be installed normally, most software can be unlocked, if you do not need to buy software to use. But if possible, just buy it to use it, support it, and more importantly, the stability of the software, and get the software update sooner.
Ask: Is the Macbook installed Win running?
Reply: Install Win running normally, no problem. Many of you only have 1-2 small software, because the company designed specifically for internal use does not support running on Mac. So many of you still need to install Win to use in parallel with Mac. How to install, you can refer to this article.
Ask: ….


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