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Cryptography and Information Security Curriculum (PDF)

Curriculum Cryptography and Information Security (PDF) | The book is reasonably presented with quite complete content, which not only helps beginners familiarize themselves with the most basic knowledge of a difficult professional field but also suggests practical applications. Rich for those who want to study further.

The selected collection of annexes at the end of the book is meant to complement the main presentations and is also a very good source of support for those who want to delve deeper into the research. If you are interested, please download the ‘Curriculum and Information Security‘At .

Information about the “Cryptography and Information Security curriculum” ebook

file name : Curriculum Cryptography and Information Security
Author : Dr. Thái Thanh Tùng
Number of pages: 220
Language : Vietnamese
Format : PDF
Category : Security / Security
Version: first
Posted in:

Introducing ebook “Cryptography and Information Security Curriculum”

The content of the textbook presents general concepts and definitions of information security, going into depth to analyze two types of encryption: secret keys and protocols, algorithm for exchanging encryption keys and asymmetric codes or codes. public and private keys with their specific applications. Besides, the content of the curriculum introduces a very significant issue currently in e-commerce transactions, online banking that is: Electronic signature, digital signature and key distribution issue. public with PKI and X509 public key infrastructure systems as well as trusted network and PGP protocols.

In particular, the last part introduces the most common protocols and standards on the Internet in email security services such as S / MIME, the protocols and encryption standards used to ensure special information security. important in e-commerce, e-banking, such as SSL / TLS and HTTPS, FTPS, SET, SSH, IPsec … At the end of each theory, the syllabus provides a list of commercial application software and Non-commercial for readers to search and use

Table of ebooks “Curriculum of Cryptography and Information Security”

+ Table of content

Chapter 1. Overview of information security and encryption theory
Chapter 2. Encryption symmetric key
Chapter 3. Managing and distributing keys
Chapter 4. Public key encryption
Chapter 5. Electronic signature and electronic authentication
Chapter 6. Some other common security protocols

Link to download ebook “Curriculum and Information Security”

(Google Drive, Mediafire and MegaNZ. Click the link button to download.)


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