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Cross between The Legend of Zelda and Ghibli creations

Baldo, the aesthetic-like Zelda-like close to the Ghibli studio’s productions, announces its release this summer on Nintendo Switch at the Nindies Showcase.

The Nintendo Indies World Showcase or Nindies Showcase on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 was the opportunity to present many independent projects coming to Switch. Among this myriad of wonderful games such as Exit the Gungeon or the Last Campfire, already mentioned in our columns, is the latest project of the Italians of NAPS Team: Baldo. What should we expect from this action-RPG?

Baldo announces itself as an action-RPG in open world in which we embody a young boy going on an adventure sword and shield in hand. And alongside him, you will travel through the regions with varied and exotic landscapes of a magical world. You will meet colorful characters and explore dungeons filled with puzzles and fantastic creatures to be found. Just with these few lines, the parallel with The Legend of Zelda series is more than obvious. But if Baldo uses Link’s early adventures formula with dungeons, puzzles and action battles, all from above, it only applies to its gameplay. Regarding its aesthetics, the inspiration is quite different.

A single glance at the main character is enough to recognize the well-known chara-design of the productions of the oh-so legendary studio Ghibli. If we talk about the famous Japanese studio and video game, we are bound to mention Ni no Kuni. Indeed, many of the characters visible in the trailer evoke the design of the characters in the series (now cross media) of Level-5. Starting with the hero who is reminiscent of Oliver or Evan, the main protagonists of the two games. The same goes for the main female character (probably the childhood friend of the hero) who has a false air of Mary from the film Mary and the witch’s flower. An animated film from the Ponoc studio, founded by former Ghibli students and borrowing visual style.

Due to its status as an independent game, Baldo does not benefit from a technique as clean as a Ni no Kuni. Nevertheless, as often with undesirable games, it compensates with a marked artistic direction. The trailer reveals environments rich in detail and characters with varied designs in the style mentioned earlier.

We will add the musical theme of the game composer Gianluca Cucchiara (available for listening on YouTube). This will complete our immersion in this promising adventure. Dated only on Switch for summer 2020, the game will also be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC via Steam. We will talk about this on the site when more information becomes available. In the meantime, you can dive into the universe of Baldo with his first video announcement.

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