Crisis in the Middle East: Now Putin's decision

Crisis in the Middle East: Now Putin’s decision

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Washington and Israel intend to ignore Syria and through Iran to attack Russia

Paul Craig Roberts – Ph.D. in economics – former Deputy Secretary of the United States Treasury under President Ronald Reagan. He is the author The economic direction of the US government from 1981-1989, called “Reaganomics”. He is an editor and commentator for Wall Street Magazine, Businessweek Magazine and Scripps News Agency Howard News Service. At one time, he was in charge of a column in the Washington Times; is the author of many books written on the greatest issues of our time.

The following article is published by Paul Craig Roberts in Russian News:

Wilderness in the Middle East: Decision of Putin
In the photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin on the national flags of Russia and Iran (Image: Mikhail Klimentyev / press agency of the President of the Russian Federation / TASS)

Vladimir Putin is the most impressive leader on the international stage. He used to live and rise in a country confined by Washington and Israel under Yeltsin, and restored Russia into a world power.

He successfully dealt with, dealing with the US-Israel invasion against South Ossetia and against Ukraine, at the request of Crimea, annexing the whole provincial capital, which had previously returned to Russia. Nga’s mother.

He endured endless insults and provocations from Washington and the American empire without responding in the same way. He was a man of restraint and a mediator, having a say from a position of strength.

He knew that the American empire, based on arrogance and lies, was collapsing economically, socially, politically and militarily. He understood that war was not beneficial to Russia.

The Washington assassination of Kassem Soleimani, the great leader of Iran, is indeed one of the rare leaders of the world, has weakened President Trump’s position and drew the world’s attention on the side. Putin. The playing field was set for Putin and Russia to take over the world.

The assassination of Suleimani by Washington was a criminal act, possibly causing World War III, like the assassination of the Prince of Austria in 1914, marking the beginning of World War I. Only Putin and Russia, along with Chinese support, can stop the war that Washington has started.

Putin understands that the instability in Syria initiated by Washington and Israel is aimed at Russia. Russia intervened without warning, defeated Washington-funded and armed forces, and restored stability in Syria.

Failed, Washington and Israel decided to skip Syria and through Iran to attack Russia directly. Iran’s instability benefits both Washington and Israel.

For Israel, the collapse of Iran meant ending support for Hezbollah – the Lebanese militia defeated the Israeli army twice and prevented Israel from occupying southern Lebanon.

Washington also said that the collapse of Iran will allow jihadists supported by the CIA to bring instability to the Russian Federation.

If President Putin does not want to obey the intentions of the US and Israel, he has no choice but to prevent any Washington / Israel attack on Iran.

For Putin, the easiest and cleanest way to do this is to make a straight statement: Iran is under Russian protection. This protection should be recognized in the mutual protection pact between Russia, China and Iran. There may be participation of India and Turkey.

It was difficult for Putin to do this because ignorant historians convinced Putin that alliances were the cause of the war. But such an alliance will prevent war.

Even America’s crazy new conservatives – even if they are completely drunk and full of illusion – will not be foolish to declare war on Iran, Russia, China, and India. India and Turkey, as if these countries allied with each other.

This means that if the United States and Israel died, any European country would not be foolish to participate in a future war.

If Putin cannot escape the influence of incompetent historians who really serve Washington’s interests, not Russia, he will have other options.

He can reassure Iran by providing Iran with the best Russian air defense systems with expert groups to train Iranian soldiers.

The presence of such systems will serve as a warning to Washington and Israel that if they attack Russian forces in Iran, it means attacking Russia.

If this is done, then Putin doesn’t need to suggest anything more, but rather emphasizes his mediation role. This is Putin’s role, because no one but him has enough power, influence and objectivity to act as an intermediary.

Putin’s work is not only able to save Iran, but also takes Mr. Trump out of a lost war – The war will destroy Mr. Trump. Mr. Putin can set his price for this.

For example, the cost could be the revival of the INF Treaty, the START-3 treaty, missile defense and the withdrawal of NATO from the Russian border. In fact, Putin has the opportunity to demand what he wants from the United States.

Iranian missiles can sink any US warship anywhere near Iran. Chinese missiles can also sink any US fleet at any point near China. Russian missiles can sink the US fleet anywhere in the world.

Washington’s ability to impose power in the Middle East today, while all: Shiites and Sunnis, as well as old Washington forces (like ISIS) hate Americans, are just nil.

The State Department was forced to order its people to withdraw from the Middle East. How can Washington consider itself a force in the Middle East while no American there is safe?

Of course, Washington behaved crazy in its arrogance. Putin, China and Iran should take this into account. A crazy government can cause harm not only to themselves, but also to others.

Therefore, Mr. Putin is facing risks. But there is a risk that Putin will not be held responsible. For example, if Washington and Israel attacked Iran, Israel deliberately provoked Iran under another guise, for example, seeking to sink some US warships and blame Iran, because of this, Russia would still will have to fight.

It is better to leave the initiative in Putin’s hands. As for the world and life on Earth, it is better to let Russia decide.

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