Cris Tales – Mixing time

Cris Tales – Mixing time

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Appeared at PC Gaming Show at E3 2019, Cris Tales It is described as a "classic JRPG love letter", but with a new perspective – a time-perspective. Cris Tales will let you glance at the past, change the present and see the future, see the results of your actions. Or to put it simply, both the past, the present and the future will coexist in front of the screen.

This is definitely a novel play mechanism, and perhaps the most emphasized point of Cris Tales. However, thinking of a creative play mechanism is just the opening chapter. How to combine it with other aspects of the game to create a meaningful product is difficult.

And after experiencing the trial version Cris Tales on Steam, would like to have some introduction and comment on this game for you.


Just as the manufacturer introduced, Cris Tales Allows you to see both past, present and future on the same screen. The main character is the time witch Crisbell, who accidentally unlocks both crystals of time to look both past and future. In general, it seems that the plot begins with a "classic" motif that is chosen by superhuman strength, supported by friends and must defeat a terrible boss … Well at the present time, generally The story is being started in a way that is not very special, but perhaps so it makes your choices more important.

Cris Tales is a game with lots of flow, and the ability to look at both past and future will give you a new way to play and choose. For example, looking at the past, you will know what happened to lead to the current outcome, and find a way to overcome it. Looking at the future, you will know what can happen, and do what is needed to change the future. Note that the future you will see is "ability" and not "predetermined". You can change it, but can you do it? How will you change? Those are the choices, and according to the manufacturer, the choices will lead to results that are not only temporary but also possible throughout the journey.

Not only affecting the plot, the observation mechanism over time also affects both the gameplay and the strategy of the game. For example, in the trial version, you have to fight a boss with an insensitive iron shield. To "cure" it, you must use "mind": shoot water magic on the enemy's iron shield, then use time crystals to push the enemy into the future to erode the shield. This is a quite specific example, and it is unclear if the typical "brainstorming" situations when fighting like this appear in the game, but overall this is indeed an extremely creative play.

Cris Tales


In terms of storyline or gameplay, we don't have much information to determine their size and charisma. But talking about graphics, Cris Tales seems to be extremely powerful by the investment manufacturer. 2D graphics of the game are designed by hand, and pull enough content for a story about 20 hours long. The scenery in the game, at least in what the test version shows, has a rather magical and colorful look. The animation part may need more smoothness, but in general there is nothing too reprehensible.

A special point is, because you can see both the past, the present and the future, so the scenery of each game location is essentially three overlapping layers. Of course, not the other three classes are completely, but surely you understand it, so they're not simple.

Cris Tales


Cris Tales expected to be released in 2020.

The trial version can be downloaded from Steam but only before June 24. Why limit the playing time for a single-player, non-AAA role-playing game? This is a rather confusing move. Of course, if the demo offers a smooth experience, don't say, but unfortunately, it shows a lot of potential of the game but also reveals some problems, from small to important.

A small problem is that the game does not have a button that runs fast, so the move is quite time consuming, unnecessary. The most important issue is that the game may not work with your keyboard. Specifically, the game is set so that if it finds the presence of a joystick, it will turn off the keyboard completely. However, if it finds a virtual joystick or Windows to install a driver for example, it will turn off the keyboard, and you won't be able to do anything.

Hope the final version of Cris Tales will be refined to bring a smooth and new and meaningful experience.

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