Crimson Red: Color Codes, Meanings and Color Combination Ideas

Crimson Red: Color Codes, Meanings and Color Combination Ideas

If you’re looking for a bold, sweet color that you can incorporate into your design to bring it to life, then Crimson red is a great choice. Today, we are going to learn about Crimson color, what it is color coding, its meaning and usage and color combinations.


What is Crimson Red?

Crimson red aka “magenta” is a bold color that is close to purple on the color wheel. It’s a vibrant red, neither too harsh nor too subdued it’s a palette of ripe raspberries or cherries. Crimson and burgundy are other shades of red, but not exactly the same. Burgundy is often associated with red wine, while crimson is associated with the color of ripe fruits.

RGB color space

  • Hexadecimal #DC143C
  • Includes 86.3% red, 7.8% green and 23.5% blue
  • RGB value of R:220, G:20, B:60
  • Can be obtained by mixing #ff2878 with #b90000.
  • The closest websafe color is: #cc0033

CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) Color Space

  • Includes 0% cyan, 90.9% magenta, 72.7% yellow and 13.7% black
  • CMYK value of C:0, M:0.91, Y:0.73, K:0.14
  • Decimal value is 14423100

Meaning of crimson color


Crimson is a fascinating color in the design world, one that symbolizes danger, excitement, love, and power. Crimson was also associated with nobility, religion and royalty. During the Elizabethan Age (second half of the 16th century) in England, crimson was used as a sign of high social status. It was even regulated by English law, where only royalty, nobles and members of the Council were allowed to wear crimson. Therefore, crimson symbolizes high social status and power in the Elizabethan Age.

Today, crimson is often used in logo design, packaging design, branding.

What color goes with crimson?

Let’s explore a detailed breakdown of crimson, including complementary and alternative colors you can draw inspiration from in your next design.


Additional color schemes: Crimson is best used with vivid cyan (value #14dcb4).

Color combination Additional division: An integral complement scheme consisting of three colors. With crimson, the other two complementary colors are vivid blue (value #14a0dc) and lime green (value #14dc50).

Color combination Triangle: Triad combinations are variations of a separate complementary palette in which colors are found equally spaced on the color wheel. The trio colors include vivid blue (value #143cdc) and vivid lime green (value #3cdc14) combined with a deep magenta.

Color combination Tetradic: A palette of four colors evenly spaced on the color wheel. The tetrachromatic palette of crimson includes vivid magenta (value #b414dc), vivid lime green (value #3dc14), and vivid cyan (value #14dcb4).

Color combination Similar: The analog palette consists of three or more colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. For crimson, those colors are vivid pink (value #dc14a0) and vivid orange (value #dc5014).

Color combination Monochrome: The monochromatic palette consists of different shades or shade variations of the same shade. For crimson, the monochrome palette includes dark red (value #eb129), another shade of dark red (value #ad102f), dark red (value #c51236), magenta (value #ad102f), dark red (value #c51236) #eb1f48 value), red (value #eb365b) ), and soft red (value #ef4e6e).

Alternatives to Crimson : These colors are very similar to crimson and can be used in place of the original color selection. Alternatives to crimson are three different shades of vivid pink (values ​​#dc146e, #dc145d, #dc144d) and 4 different shades of vivid red (values ​​#dc143c, # dc142b, #dc141b, #dc1e14).

Crimson palette ideas

Crimson is definitely a subtle and versatile color. Let’s see how you can upgrade your crimson design with unique crimson color palettes.

Classic crimson palette

  • Crimson + deep copper
  • Crimson + gold
  • Crimson + chestnut
  • Crimson + dark blue

Modern crimson palette

  • Crimson + pink
  • Crimson + beige
  • Crimson + sand dollars
  • Crimson + slate

Dark crimson palette

  • Crimson + blue
  • Crimson + lime green
  • Crimson + gold
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