Here is your weekly overview of criminal decisions in Quebec.

Me Laïla Belgharras.  Photo: University of Sherbrooke website


Me Laïla Belgharras. Photo: University of Sherbrooke website

She lied in court

Annie-Lyne Belleville, who had defrauded her former boss at a beauty care clinic in Magog for nearly $ 100,000, admitted to having lied in court by saying that she had $ 84,000 to reimburse the victim, reveals La Tribune. Nothing would be left of the money she grabbed.

Ms. Belleville receives 15 months in prison and will have to reimburse the sum of $ 60,983 to her victim.

“I have in front of me a person who blatantly lied to me a few weeks ago. In front of me, she said she had a check with her to pay off. Before the courts, she was not yet taking her responsibilities. It is an extremely relevant element to know if it is on the way of the rehabilitation ”, declared the judge. Claire Desgens at the Sherbrooke courthouse.

The prosecutor in this case was Me Layla Belgharras, and defense lawyer Me Michèle Lamarre-Leroux, legal aid.

Mr. Matthew Ferguson.  Photo: Archives


Mr. Matthew Ferguson. Photo: Archives

He shoots and leaves his gun at the scene of the crime

Willy Junior St-Jean was found guilty of attempted murder after shooting three times in the back of a father in February 2018, reveals La Presse. The man had pleaded his innocence.

Before fleeing by car with the help of an accomplice, St-Jean had left his weapon in the parking lot of his victim. Paralyzed, the latter now uses a wheelchair.

St-Jean’s DNA was found on the gun, and the car was caught on surveillance cameras.

According to Crown Attorney Me Pierre-Olivier Bolduc, this crime was a “planned and deliberate” operation. Me Bolduc handled the file with his colleague Me Matthew ferguson.

Deputy Prosecutor Kaely Whillans and defense attorney Glenn Sandberg.  Photos: LinkedIn and Sandberg Law website


Deputy Prosecutor Kaely Whillans and defense attorney Glenn Sandberg. Photos: LinkedIn and Sandberg Law website

Teenager who shared “death list” sentenced to three years probation


Zachary Pilon, now 19, was sentenced Monday to three years probation and 50 hours of community service for making death threats on Instagram against nearly 40 students at Notre-Dame College in Sudbury.

The young man pleaded guilty in January 2020. He was arrested on March 19, 2019.

He had published the day before a photo of a firearm accompanied by the caption: “On Friday March 22, everyone will know my name …”

“What I did was childish, inappropriate, silly,” said Zachary Pilon. There is nothing that I regret more. “

The judge Amanda Camara said in his decision that the reprehensible act made by the young man “seems to be completely out of his way and that he is not likely to appear in court again”.

The Crown asked for six months house arrest and two years probation. The Deputy Prosecutor Kaely whillans argued that Zachary Pilon “relies heavily on the fact that he was under the influence of marijuana” at the time of the publication of the photo to explain his gesture.

“Any remorse that has been expressed is mitigated by this explanation,” she said.

Defense lawyer Glenn sandberg called the Crown’s arguments a “paper tiger,” pointing to the many times the young man has expressed remorse over the two years.

Me Vicky Powell.  Photo: Radio-Canada


Me Vicky Powell. Photo: Radio-Canada

Convicted of sexually assaulting two intoxicated girls

Evans atta ansu gave two teenage girls aged 13 and 14 a night of horror, reveals La Presse.

One of the two young girls said she was too “frozen (on Xanax) to react” to the sexual assault of the 29-year-old man. She was found the next day on a snowbank in a comatose state.

The other woke up to her assailant the next morning and was put in a taxi. His memories remain vague. The two friends also contracted a sexually transmitted infection.

We can expect a significant prison sentence.

Me Louise blais represented the prosecution in this case, and the accused was defended by Mr. Vicky powell.

Superior Court judge Charles Ouellet.  Photo: Archives


Superior Court judge Charles Ouellet. Photo: Archives

Six months in prison for Alan Barnes


Within 24 hours of admitting guilt to a count of criminal negligence causing bodily harm, Alan barnes was sentenced to six months in jail less a day, 240 hours of community service, and a life ban from owning a dog.

The man was the owner of the three dogs that savagely attacked Dominique alain in March 2019 in Potton. The victim still suffers to this day the physical and psychological repercussions of the tragedy.

In his judgment, the Superior Court judge Charles Ouellet believes that this attack “could and should have been avoided”.

Before the assault, Alan Barnes’ three dogs had already been the target of a dozen complaints to the municipality of Potton because of their aggressiveness. They have since been euthanized.

The judge adds that “Madame Alain suffered greatly as a result of this attack, and her suffering will unfortunately continue over time. “

As for the liability of animal owners, the judge is clear: “(They) are civilly liable for injuries and damage that the latter cause to others. They can also, when it comes to negligence, be held criminally responsible, as was the case here. “

The sentence imposed on Mr Barnes was suggested on Wednesday in a joint manner by the defense lawyer and the prosecution.

The judge also banned Alan Barnes from owning a gun for ten years.

The defense lawyer in this case was Me Jocelyn Grenon, and Crown Attorney Me Élise Côté-Lebrun.

Judge Stéphane Poulin.  Photo: Laval University website


Judge Stéphane Poulin. Photo: Laval University website

Quebec resident guilty of threatening François Legault


A resident of Quebec pleaded guilty to uttering threats against Francois Legault.

Luc Masson, 40, admitted to making threatening remarks against the Premier of Quebec on a Facebook page on behalf of Vince Vastelli. On this page, he adheres to some conspiracy theories.

On Sunday, Masson wrote there: “Mr. Legault, we are going to meet face @ face soon … I just wanted to make sure that you are going to be ready!” “

The Quebec police arrested Masson the next day, in a room in a motel on Boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel, where he lives. He was then in possession of a “Rambo” style knife.

Detained since his arrest, Luc Masson pleaded guilty quickly on Wednesday and will be able to resume his freedom. He is sentenced to respect a one-year probation, during which he will not be allowed to post on social networks. The Court also ordered him to undertake psychiatric follow-up.

During his probation, the forties will not have the right to approach within a kilometer of the National Assembly and the office of the Prime Minister. The Court also forbids him to attempt to communicate with François Legault.

“My words exceeded my thought”, explained Luc Masson before assuring the judge that he had “his lesson”.

The judge Stephane Poulin said he was reassured by these comments, recalling that the Prime Minister has many other concerns at the moment.