Judge Claude Villeneuve of the Superior Court


Judge Claude Villeneuve of the Superior Court

Here is your summary of criminal decisions in Quebec courts.

Four years for luring young girls

Nicolas godin, 33, pleaded guilty to several sexual offenses against two teenage girls, including a Frenchwoman and a Quebecer with intellectual retardation, reports the Journal de Québec.

The man approached the young girls via social networks. He notably asked the young European if she had already had a “threesome”, and masturbated in front of the camera eight times.

“In March 2017, the first victim, who lives in Europe, spoke with an individual who said his name was Nicolas and who was 16 years old. However, in front of certain questions from the young teenager, who was then 11 years old, the gentleman ended up acknowledging that he was 28 years old, ”said the prosecutor. Genevieve Corriveau.

The prosecutor and defense lawyer Me Marco Robert proposed to the judge Mario tremblay a four-year prison sentence, given that Godin had already received a five-month sentence in 2014 for sexual contact.

An anti-mask father lectured by the judge

This is not a criminal case but rather a family law case. However, we consider it interesting in that it could set a precedent.

The judge of the Superior Court in Sherbrooke Claude Villeneuve reproached a behavior “reprehensible and even harmful to the development of the child” to a father who did not respect the sanitary measures, reveals The Canadian Press.

The father of the 11-year-old was defending himself in court while his child wanted sole custody to be given to his mother. The child cited “bad experiences”.

Me Sébastien Gagnon represented the child in this case, and Me Maïté Morin the mother.  Photos: Sébastien Gagnon lawyer inc website and Facebook


Me Sébastien Gagnon represented the child in this case, and Me Maïté Morin the mother. Photos: Sébastien Gagnon lawyer inc website and Facebook

These bad experiences include a vegan diet and physical corrections using a belt and a book, but also a refusal to comply with the health measures prescribed by the government. The father would have treated people who wear the mask of “caves” or “genius” in particular. He also reportedly refused to wear the mask in the presence of his first lawyer, who withdrew from the case for this reason.

Full custody of the child has been entrusted to the mother, but the father retains a right of access.

Me Sebastien Gagnon represented the child in this case, Me Maïté Morin mother, and Me Guillaume-Marc Caza the father.

Acquitted of sexual assault

Former teacher at Jean-Nicolet high school in Nicolet Gaston Richard was acquitted of sexual assault following his second trial, reports Le Nouvelliste.

Mr. Richard had allowed a student who needed to confide to come to his home after leaving a bar. He then gave her a massage to relax her. The young girl says he touched her breasts on this occasion and went down to her buttocks.

The ex-teacher pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of sexual assault in his first trial in 2017. Although he was conditionally discharged (with hours of community service and 10 years registration on the Sex Offender Registry), Mr. Richard was expelled from his school. He was allowed to withdraw his guilty plea.

In this second trial, the judge Pierre-L. Rousseau relied on the W. (D.) decision to assess the credibility of the respondent and the complainant, both of whom gave conflicting testimony. According to the judge, a reasonable doubt is raised and the court cannot find acts of a sexual nature.

Six years for sexually assaulting stepdaughter

He was the only father figure of the young girl, who herself had an intellectual disability. The child was attacked with penetration at least once when she was only 10 years old, reports La Presse. His sister witnessed some of these scenes.

Me Martine Garceau-Lebel.  Photo: Martine Garceau-Lebel Avocat website


Me Martine Garceau-Lebel. Photo: Martine Garceau-Lebel Avocat website

Terrebonne’s stepfather was found guilty of sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching and sentenced to six years in prison by the judge Nathalie Duchesneau.

Crown Attorney Me Jerome Laflamme claimed seven years, and defense attorney Me Fernando Belton three years.

15 years in prison for domestic violence

A Trois-Rivières man deserves a heavy sentence for offenses related to domestic violence, reveals Le Nouvelliste.

Taking hard drugs would have exacerbated the violence and jealousy of Mario Levasseur towards his ex-wife. The 41-year-old also already had a history of drug trafficking and violence.

Talks with Crown Attorney Me Marie-Eve Paquet and defense lawyer Me Martine Garceau-Lebel led the accused to admit to having criminally harassed his ex-wife and to having committed offenses related to the possession of weapons, which he was prohibited from. The common suggestion of a 15-year sentence was accepted.

Three years in prison for a sexual assailant in Gatineau


A Gatineau resident who has committed sexual assaults on a minor goes to the penitentiary for three years. On February 1, the court sentenced Vincent Vachon, 42 years old, to three years of detention.

In March 2019, the Service de police de la Ville de Gatineau (SPVG) had arrested him for sexual assaults committed on at least one victim through a website. The SPVG then launched an appeal to the population, fearing that it had caused other victims.

At the material time, Mr. Vachon, 32, was living in Toronto. The latter had contacted his victim via the Outaouais web site. After exchanging messages for seven months with her, a first meeting took place, leading to the first in a series of sexual assaults.

Vincent Vachon was facing four charges. He chose last summer to plead guilty to three counts, including child luring, sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching. The victim was under 16 years old.

Me Luc Tourangeau.


Me Luc Tourangeau.

Six months for possession of porn comics

A young man from Jonquière has discovered the hard way that hentai manga can constitute child pornography when they feature underage people engaging in sexual acts, reveals The Daily.

It’s as if they were pictures of real children: it’s illegal, because you can use these Japanese comics to attract children and trivialize sex acts, explained defense lawyer Me. Luc Tourangeau.

Her 21-year-old client, with no criminal record, had also browsed a manga site and landed on a hentai sharing network. If the young man had not pleaded guilty, he would have seen an even more serious charge of trafficking added to his case.

“He was above all a victim of his unhealthy curiosity,” said his lawyer. While viewing manga sites, he went on hentai manga. But her sexological assessment did not reveal any deviations like those typically found in those who use child pornography. “

The judge Pierre Lortie sentenced the young man to the minimum sentence of six months.

The policeman who caused the death of Bony Jean-Pierre is acquitted


The policeman who caused the death of Bony Jean-Pierre five years ago, in Montreal North, was found not guilty on Thursday. Christian Gilbert was charged with manslaughter.

Bony Jean-Pierre lost his life on March 31, 2016 in an apartment building on rue Arthur-Chevrier, during an operation to dismantle a network of drug traffickers.

At the time he was considered armed and dangerous by the police, who suspected him of being part of a street gang.

The Crown, in the person of the prosecutor Me Jean-Sébastien Bussières, reproached Christian Gilbert for having fired two AR-1 plastic bullets in the direction of Bony Jean-Pierre when he was trying to flee the police through the window. One of the two projectiles hit him in the head. The 46-year-old suspect fell about 2.5 meters and died of his injuries four days later.

Christian Gilbert recounted during the trial that he first fired a warning shot near Bony Jean-Pierre’s hand, then aimed at the suspect’s hip in his subsequent shot.

His version of the facts is quite credible, according to the judge Yvan Poulin, of the Court of Quebec. “In the eyes of the court, there is nothing to cast doubt on the frankness, sincerity and reliability of Mr. Gilbert’s testimony as a whole,” he wrote in his judgment.

Me Louis belleau represented Christian Gilbert in this case.