Me Richard Dubé.  Source: Archives


Me Richard Dubé. Source: Archives

Criminal lawyers are not idle …

Despite the holidays, they continue to parade in front of the doors of the courthouse and to plead in court.

Here is their story.

Lawyer calls for reduced sentence

“The MTQ has done badly. The signage was not adequate, ”said Me. Richard Dubé, according to La Presse.

The 1984 Bar represents Vincent Lemay, a 41-year-old man who caused a road accident at a construction site in February 2018.

A traffic signalman was killed, while six other employees were injured. Mr. Lemay was driving his F-250 drunk during the accident.

The judge Pierre Dupras in particular qualified the conduct of the latter as “reckless”. Mr. Lemay in February was found guilty of the charges against him last February.

Me Dubé is now claiming a three-year sentence for his client instead of five, because he believes that he is not solely responsible for the accident.

He partly blamed a female driver injured in the collision, according to La Presse.

“This lady, she was driving badly. She was not heading well. She didn’t all know what she was doing. Suddenly she moved into the left lane. This is the accident. Well, we can think that Monsieur was going too fast and that if there had been no alcohol, he would probably have driven differently, ”argued the Bar 1984 according to La Presse.

The Crown is represented by Me Anik Archambault, which calls for a five-year sentence in particular to dissuade the population from driving while intoxicated.

Me David Leclair.  Source: LinkedIn


Me David Leclair. Source: LinkedIn

Sex crimes should be taken seriously

The judge Serge Cimon recently declared that the time has passed for the trivialization of sex crimes, when he condemned Alonce Paul to 42 months in prison at the Laval courthouse.

“Sexual assault is a scourge. The courts have trivialized it for too long. Although revenge has no place in determining a sentence, it must still reflect society’s repugnance for crimes of a sexual nature, ”declared the magistrate according to the Journal de Montreal.

Judge Simon sentenced Mr. Paul to 42 months’ imprisonment. Originally from Haiti, having no special status in Canada, he will be deported at the end of his sentence in addition to being registered for 20 years in the sex offender register.

“No one has the right to treat another human being as a simple object or as if he were a piece of meat,” added the magistrate according to Le Journal.

In this litigation, the Crown was represented by Me Simon blais, while the defense was represented by Me David Leclair. The first called for a 42-month prison sentence while the second favored an 18-month sentence with a two-year probationary follow-up.

Lawyer demands acquittal

Me Jeffrey Boro, the lawyer of Victorio Reno Pereira, demands the acquittal of his client, who, he says, acted in self-defense.

“No means no. The accused had a sexual relation with a woman, the victim tried to take his place in a provocative way, without the consent of the woman, and a scuffle ensued ”, declared the Bar 1970 according to the Journal de Montreal .

Me Jeffrey Boro.  Source: BFGJ website


Me Jeffrey Boro. Source: BFGJ website

Mr. Pereira, 44, killed Juan Hernandez Cortez at the erotic cinema L’Amour. He hit the latter with a point, causing a fall which was fatal.

Me Boro pleads self-defense, claiming that he was acting to protect himself and his companion.

“He did what was necessary to protect himself,” he added according to the Journal de Montreal.

The Crown, represented by Me Jasmine guillaume, is against this hypothesis. Rather, it supports that of manslaughter.

“The victim tumbled from three rows, pleaded Me Jasmine Guillaume. The theory of the Crown is that the victim was leaving when the accused went to strike her, ”explained the Law Society in 2007.