Crime Father convicted of abusing his daughters

A 59-year-old man was convicted on Wednesday of sexual assault and of making and distributing child pornography for acts committed against his own daughters for 14 years.

The sex offender, a resident of Sainte-Catherine in Montérégie, abused his two daughters from 1994 to 2008, according to evidence presented at the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu courthouse.

The crimes committed by the father were grouped into three categories by the judge at the Court of Quebec, Stéphane Godri.

First, when the girls were between seven and ten years old, the abusive father would examine their genitals after bathing. If they had not washed them well, he soaped them vigorously. These actions resulted in him being convicted of sexual interference.

Later in their lives, while living in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, the young victims were used by their father to make live pornographic videos. The sex offender had even encouraged his daughters to touch each other or to orient themselves in such and such a way in order to respond to comments from Internet users who interacted on the chat during these sessions.

Finally, there have been numerous acts of sexual assault against children over the years, the incestuous father having even attempted to have full sexual relations with them.

Credibility and reliability

The accused sought in court to portray himself as a “normal, loving good father,” a description that Judge Godri rejected.

The latter noted in particular that the man did not give “festive gifts [à ses filles] and did not contact them when they were with their mother ”. “This greatly affects the credibility of the accused,” said the magistrate.

Even more, the judge declared that “the accused tended to say one thing and its opposite”, during his testimony during the trial.

As for the testimonies of the girls, they were believed by the judge, they had a good memory of the events by corroborating the facts in connection with the testimony of the pedophile father, “without there being any collusion between them” , explained Stéphane Godri.

“Even though one of the victims told an investigator that she wanted to see the accused behind bars because he was a pedophile”, that does not mean “that she lied or made up the events. [d’abus]”Said Judge Godri, adding” that her animosity towards the accused was easily explained “by what she had experienced.

The incestuous father is exposed to barely major imprisonment of up to 14 years. He is due to return to court for sentencing representations on July 9.


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