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Use drivers with mid-size 6mm sizes, Creative Outlier One Plus Control the bass range very well when the bass is firm, compact and unflagged due to resonance, a very common thing on "cheap" earbuds. Listen more closely, the bass is not really outstanding or impressive as the expensive "bass" headphones of SONY, but in the same price range, it can be considered as a wireless headset product. High Quality. The sound of gunfire, bombs or action game fields are very powerful, sharp, creating a powerful impression of different weapons or effects clearly based on the impact In the ear canal that people "play" bass headphones often use the word "punchy" to describe. High-pitched sound (treble) is a bit bright, but it is quite thin and lacks a bit of "hiss" when it comes to high-frequency sounds. This is also quite understandable when the product is configured toward the bass range. The mid (mid) range is a bit "dry" a little, not sweet enough for lyrical songs, but still acceptable because of the limit of Bluetooth data compression is not enough to fully convey quality of source.

For PUBG fans and action shooting games on the phone, the soundstage of the pair of headphones is extremely important. Creative Outlier One Plus It has done this very well when it offers a spacious soundstage among today's "natural bass" earbuds. Of course, you won't be able to achieve the spacious soundstage like earbuds, but you can imagine how you sit in a small cabin with two 2.0 speakers on either side. As a result, players can easily distinguish sounds from different directions, the near distance of the sound source so that they can have a vivid game experience, creating certain advantages on the "battlefield".

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