Creative content drives the explosion of traffic, revealing the success of “Master of Emerald” continuing to dominate the rankings

In the Spring Festival just past, new products have emerged from the top of the major rankings in the mobile game market. Among them, the performance of the new leisure product “Master of Emerald”, developed by Kunpo and Ohayoo, is very eye-catching.

On February 4, “Master of Emerald” was officially launched, and it soared more than 100 places after only one day, and successfully reached the top of the iOS free list. Since then, it has dominated the list for 17 days, throughout the Spring Festival, and became the strongest performer during the period. A new mobile game.

In the past two or three years, Lanfei Interactive Entertainment and Ohayoo have jointly created “Eliminate the Virus”, “My Little Home” and other high-quality products. This time the unexpected success of “Master of Emerald” can be said to further confirm Ohayoo. Strong distribution capabilities.

At the product level, GameRes believes that the biggest highlight of “Master of Jade” is its creative themes bred by digging into the essence of folk “jade culture”. This makes the work not only show a distinctive freshness in the subject matter, but also has a broad potential audience, which is the key to “explosion”.

On this basis, “Master of Emerald” is a core gameplay of “Opening Jade” that is highly compatible with real-life experience, and is blended with the framework of the simulation management game. It takes into account the short, medium and long-term fun of the game, making it a rare experience. Creative leisure boutique.

Undoubtedly, the outstanding game quality of “Master of Emerald” has provided important support for its great success, but from the perspective of its speed of rushing to the list and the popularity of the whole network, it is also worth paying attention to its strength in the promotion link. explosive force.

So how did Ohayoo, the trader behind the scenes of “Master of Emerald” plan, promote, and land during the whole process of marketing and publicity of “Master of Emerald”?

Focus on the core gameplay of the game and use creative content marketing to drive traffic bursts

With the development of the industry and the maturity of players, the traditional real-quantity marketing of information flow is gradually showing signs of decline. On the contrary, the industry marketing trend of “diversified marketing” is gradually established.

And “diversified marketing” is precisely one of the major directions that Ohayoo has been exploring in the past two years, and this time the successful “explosive” “Master of Emerald” is no exception.

On January 3, Ohayoo quietly opened the first content video absorption test of “Master of Emerald”, and put 47 videos on Douyin. As of the time of the game’s launch (February 3), the cumulative number of views on the station was 140 million. Reservation With more than 1.1 million visitors, it can be said that this move not only successfully verified the powerful “suction capacity” of “Master of Emerald”, but also accumulated sufficient initial users for the game and completed the process of “energy storage”.

After the “Master of Emerald” was officially launched on February 4, in addition to relying on traditional information flow advertising, Ohayoo obviously put more energy on the “diversified content marketing” of the product.

According to GameRes observations, at that time, “Master of Emerald” joined hands with a large number of game vertical head PGC masters, through the game live, first-perspective polishing and identification of diversified video formats such as jade, and the core gameplay and fun of “Master of Emerald” Showed to the majority of players.

With the rapid spread of various types of creative videos, as of 22:00 on February 5th, the “Master of Emerald” Douyin topic has reached 240 million views, and the official account of “Master of Emerald” Douyin is also releasing a sixth video. After that, it began to “explode.” The ninth article had even close to 9 million views, and the number of likes exceeded 139,000, which was the first wave of marketing explosive power.

Under the strong content marketing offensive, “Master of Emerald” successfully broke the million mark on the first day, refreshing the peak of casual games on the first day.

Since then, Ohayoo has even more vigorously pursued and quickly promoted the creative cross-space linkage of the two Douyin head PGCs of @叫网管 and @寅子. By “comparing” and “ridiculing” each other in the comment area, they created a scene. Creative “interactive content marketing” has created a hot topic of “# Douyin网阴少年 was hit by a stone”. The video playback volume of @call网管 has exceeded 13 million times, which has fully mobilized the pan-Internet The user’s enthusiasm for “gathering people to eat melons” is enthusiastic about interaction, which accelerates the game to break the circle.

The creative linkage between @叫网管 and @寅子 further fermented the popularity of “Master of Emerald” and directly drove the “explosion” of related PGC expert videos of “Master of Emerald”. Among them, @PGC女人王蒙露 video likes more than 1.17 million.

This set of “creative content marketing combination punches” has enabled “Master of Emerald” to achieve a double burst of traffic and volume throughout the network. It not only helped “Master of Emerald” successfully reach the top of the AppStore free game list, but also on the Douyin site. The topic “#玉翠Master” once soared to the sixth place in the “Topic Challenge Hot List”. It is worth noting that the top five are all “popular hot content” related to the Spring Festival.

After reviewing the publicity process of “Master of Emerald”, it is not difficult to find that its breakthrough method is mainly composed of four interlocking steps, relying on the huge native content ecology of Douyin and the perfect PGC talent circle advantage. Ohayoo helped “Master of Emerald” step by step to complete the entire cycle of traffic gestation to traffic explosion. During the period, the creative videos created by focusing on the core gameplay of the game, as well as the break-through communication formed by the head PGC linkage, all confirmed that this is a game. Successful and unique “creative content marketing”.

So why can Ohayoo, as the publisher, complete this “creative content marketing”? Where does his ingenious presentation of the core gameplay of the “Master of Emerald” product and a deep understanding of the creative communication content come from?

Creative project establishment + content publicity is a two-pronged approach, and the customized cooperation model gives full-cycle support to the product

GameRes believes that the reason why Ohyaoo was able to complete the release of “Master of Emerald” handily is that Ohayoo is willing to actively participate in the full life cycle of its new product project approval, tuning, marketing, and operation when facing every developer. Among them, it gives developers the greatest support in all dimensions. This is also the core reason why Ohayoo has released every new product in recent years to peel off the core features of the game, from which the pain points of the players are caught to create a phenomenon-level marketing.

Prior to this, Li Yuchao, the lecturer of the casual game open class of Ohayoo College, publicly stated that after years of cultivating the casual game field, Ohayoo has concluded a set of projects covering project establishment, suction test, first test, second test, and after reaching a cooperation with developers. Mature customized cooperation process for the six major links of version tuning and testing and product launch.

Take “Master of Emerald” as an example. As early as the budding stage of the product, Ohayoo captured the massive pan-Internet audience inherent in this subject by observing the high popularity of “Emerald” related topics, live broadcasts, and videos on the Douyin station. And then quickly completed the analysis of user behavior through the “absorption test”, making it clear that the refreshing feeling of “seeing the green” is the core experience that these players value most. Based on this, after repeated communication with Lanfei Mutual Entertainment, the two parties finally finalized the project direction of “Master of Emerald”: a game that focuses on experience and builds a super casual core + light simulation management.

According to GameRes, the “suction test” has always been an important part of Ohyaoo’s data-driven concept to inject “explosive genes” into each budding new product. This time the two parties are based on the results of the “suction test” as “Master of Emerald”. The main content framework of “creative ultra-leisure + simulated management” is built, which basically guarantees the effect of communication and user LT at the same time, which can be called a 1+1>2 fusion.

After the game framework was determined, GameRes learned that Ohayoo has gradually penetrated into the product development and tuning process in the follow-up discussions with Lanfei Interactive Entertainment, and has successively carried out multiple rounds of gameplay iteration and experience on “Master of Emerald”. Optimization and detail adjustment.

For example, on the basis of combining player feedback, the two parties have greatly strengthened the “green” experience in “Master of Emerald”, and accelerated the pace to release a higher frequency of “coolness” to users; based on the game’s ultra-leisure positioning, Both parties retained the three experiences of simple window opening, placement, and polishing, which effectively improved the game’s coolness and sense of accomplishment, and correspondingly reduced the player’s learning costs and possible frustration; considering the huge potential audience of “Jade Culture” , Game copywriting reduces technical terms, so that pan-entertainment players can better understand and get started, and indirectly pave the way for the final “out of the circle” of the game.

It can be said that it is this set of content frameworks with a wide audience, strong interest and high creative margins, which guarantees the quality of the game and subsequent marketing effects. Ohayoo, who personally participates in the process of project establishment, research and development, and testing, can not only integrate novel Injecting inspiration and ideas into the product, it can also assist developers to complete project version management, and provide strong data support and guidance in the product detail tuning process in a customized and cooperative manner, and adjust game values ​​and monetize design based on user behavior feedback. And so on, it also helps developers to control the time node, arrange version testing and function development in a smooth and orderly manner, try their best to achieve short-term iterations and quickly go online, step by step to let data-driven creativity release.

Thanks to all-round communication and participation, Ohayoo was able to gradually establish a sufficiently three-dimensional understanding of the product, clarify what the core charm of the product is, and how to present the core charm to the players in a better form during the publicity process. This achieves more traffic introduction, etc., which is of great benefit to the planning and formulation of subsequent marketing strategies, and therefore created the set of “creative content marketing” reviewed above, which helped “Master of Emerald” win during the Spring Festival Favored by countless players.


According to GameRes, the essence of “creative content marketing” of “Master of Emerald” is “creative capacity”, and its core creative source is the highly universal “Jade Culture”.

In fact, this is not the first time Ohayoo has explored and tried. Another casual hit “Master of Sword” launched in the first half of 2020 is inspired by “weapon polishing”, which is in line with the “Jade Culture of Master of Emerald”. “The common point is that both of them are things that the public knows and talk about, but they are hard to come into contact with in life. Therefore, they are both suitable for the “creative and volume” marketing strategy. Excellent market feedback.

So following this line of thought, what kind of products will be able to replicate the creativity and success of “Master of Sword” and “Master of Emerald”?

It can be said that “creative” is the driving force behind the success of such products, and qualified “creatives” need to be supported by a “topic” that has high public awareness, strong gameplay expansion, and is easy to express through video.

And judging from the relatively thin number of “creative products” on the market, there must be quite a lot of “creative topics” to be explored by developers.

So when the developer has a preliminary “creative” idea, GameRes thinks that it may consider approaching and cooperating with Ohayoo. With the help of Ohayoo’s experience in customizing creative themes and diversified content marketing, we can work together to describe the outline of the product a little bit clearly. Work together to create the next popular leisure style for all people.

For more information on the casual game industry and Ohayoo’s latest business policies, sea benefits, creative sharing, etc., please scan the QR code below to add the Ohayoo developer assistant (specify: name-team name-city-public number) to get it .


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