"Creating a playground to connect the community" with Nam Long Group: not just a contest

“Creating a playground to connect the community” with Nam Long Group: not just a contest

When the goal of architectural design is to connect the community

When it comes to architecture and urban design, people often think of this as the domain of professionals. Competitions in this field further challenge expertise and celebrate innovative ideas. But the people who really experience the architectural space in daily life are the residents. The design contest Nam Long Design Award: “Creating a playground for community cohesion – The Shape of Community Space” is exciting when combining these two important factors.

Organized by Nam Long Group in association with the University of Architecture, Decox, RGB and Arc vibes, the competition “Creating a playground for community cohesion – The Shape of Community Space” first opens a design playground. quality, helping to connect the Vietnamese architecture-loving community.


Taking place from June 28 to August 8, 2021, the contest encourages a variety of subjects from organizations to individuals, from professional architects to semi-professionals, students or anyone who is passionate about architecture. have the opportunity to participate with 2 separate contest tables and the corresponding award system, judged by highly qualified and reputable judges in the industry.

Simultaneously, according to the corporation’s mission of “Creating a living environment, valuable products for the community”, the theme of the contest is to find excellent ideas for outdoor playgrounds in Vietnam. Waterpoint 355ha model integrated urban area project – Ben Luc – Long An. This will be a quality public space, the “heart” to arouse energy and connect the resident community in the urban area as well as an attractive destination for the southwest region of Ho Chi Minh City. There, residents not only have full facilities for fun, entertainment, and exercise, but also join a community full of connections between people, between people and nature, towards the Values ​​of civilized life: live happily, live in harmony, live in harmony.

From an attractive “topic” and serious investment, the contest promises to attract many impressive creative ideas from the architectural design-loving community. In addition to the total prize value of up to VND 200 million, the winning contests and ideas will be implemented and tested in practice, creating a healthy play space for residents in the integrated urban area of ​​Waterpoint Nam Long and Nam Long. local community. All of them create opportunities for architects to challenge themselves, spread the spirit and create a sustainable living environment for the community.

Overcoming the limit of a competition, that is also the mission and general orientation of Nam Long Group: an integrated urban development unit that always aims at “future constructions” and culture creation. connected community”.

The urban area integrates models and sustainable values: people, nature, connection

The COVID-19 pandemic has been causing a lot of reflection on the life value system of urban people. During the distance, people learn lessons about the close connection in each family, the need to live a happy and healthy life and the importance of community connection. New value measures direct people to look for high-class urban projects, fully integrated with health, medical, education, sports, entertainment, and close to nature facilities. nature… to build a healthy lifestyle in a sustainable living space.


With a lot of enthusiasm and anticipation of this trend, it is easy to understand why Nam Long Group’s world-class waterfront urban area Waterpoint has always been the focus of investment attraction and settlement with thousands of visitors every week, right now. even during the period when the real estate market was heavily affected by the pandemic.

Located in Ben Luc district, Long An province – the western gateway of Ho Chi Minh City with 3 sides bordering the Vam Co Dong river, the Waterpoint project possesses impressive advantages in terms of connecting transport infrastructure to the city center and provinces in the Mekong Delta by both road and waterway.


Carefully and intelligently planned by Australia’s world-famous design company CM+, in addition to 5 world-class villas and townhouses for residents, Waterpoint also owns a green living space, living a first rare in today’s megacities.


On a total area of ​​355ha, the project has spent up to 276ha to develop green areas, water surface and utility ecosystem to serve the community, including riverside park systems, central parks, landscape parks, etc. Canals weave into each part of the area, freshwater bays… The vast green patches of trees interwoven with rivers and canals create an isolated and harmonious ecosystem, helping Waterpoint as a green lung to absorb energy. clean living quality of nature, opening up completely new experiences for residents of an integrated urban area connecting community and nature.



Not only focusing on a green and spacious living environment, the residential community at Waterpoint Nam Long is also fully cared for from physical to mental with full utility services of a world-class urban area. About 65% of Waterpoint’s land fund is devoted to creating a complete “all-in-one” utility ecosystem from education, health care, commercial services, sports, entertainment, religion, etc. meet all the needs of living, working, studying, playing and shopping of residents of all ages.

Besides the above utilities, Waterpoint also focuses on investing in quality public spaces to connect the community. Typical design works such as from the contest “The Shape of Community Space” will be the “bridges” to encourage residents to meet, exchange and connect effectively. Residents of all ages and generations can find community clubs, carnival activities, entertainment, creative competitions, arts and culture, and a variety of fitness facilities. health… suitable for their own needs and interests, thereby connecting with intelligent, friendly neighbors, together creating a prosperous, happy community and aiming for kind living values.


Well-invested and equipped with all the “golden” elements for sustainable development, the “river city” Waterpoint is gradually improving. An extremely expensive “model” plan for sustainable urban areas, attracting a highly educated population, honoring a civilized lifestyle and connecting the community.

Not only aiming to become a common home for 30,000 residents in the next 15 years, the Waterpoint Nam Long project also promises to set a new standard for the development of a model integrated urban area. housing real estate industry in Vietnam.

More information about the design contest Nam Long Design Award 2021: “Creating a playground for community engagement – ​​The Shape of Community Space”: http://rgb.vn/NamLongDesignAward and Fanpage: http://facebook.com /arcvibes

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