Create Video from photos for free with PhotoFilmStrip

Create Video from photos for free with PhotoFilmStrip

Photo Video Maker helps you to save beautiful memories with unique Videos created from your photos. Today, ElectrodealPro will share more ways for you to create videos from pictures with PhotoFilmStrip quick and easy.

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PhotoFilmStrip is an application that helps users create Video from photos, you can manually create impressive unique Videos, Clips from the photos available on your computer easily. PhotoFilmStrip is one of the tools to create your own Photo Album style with special effects, … used by many users. ProShow Producer good Windows Movie Maker

Instructions for creating videos from photos using PhotoFilmStrip

Step 1: Download and install the application: Download PhotoFilmStrip

Step 2: Start the software up, on the program interface click on the icon as shown below

Step 3: A new window will appear:

+ Project name: Name the Project just created
+ Folder: Change file save path

Click OK to continue

Step 4: Add your pictures to the program window to start creating Video by clicking the icon in the middle as shown below.

Add effects to photos, videos

You start to apply effects to images. Want to set for any image, click on that image. The first is the settings for the first image.

Item Settings:

– Rotation: Image rotation (90 degrees)
– Effect: Change image color with colors Black an White (black and white), Sepia tone (sepia) and No effect (no color change)

Item Process:

– Movement: Set the number of seconds the photo moves
– Transition: Change the display style for images.

Item Subtitle: Insert a title for the photo (If not you can skip it)

Likewise you can set effects for the remaining images.

Add music to Video

To insert music into Video, go to File ->Properties

Dialog box Project Properties appears, follow steps 1 -> 5 to insert music

Save the newly created Video

Finally click on the text icon v to export the newly created Video.

Dialog box Render filmstrip appears, you can customize the options here

Format: Select output video format (here I choose AVI)
– Resolution: Video resolution

Press Start to start saving the newly created Video.

And this is the result
Above we have instructed you how to create Video from photos with PhotoFilmStrip software, so you can save beautiful images by creating unique and impressive Video Clip in your own style.


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