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Create the host’s Spring Festival home CC live broadcast with the host “Hi”


In the impact of Internet thoughts, many young people and game players have shown great enthusiasm for anchors and the e-sports industry. At the end of January, “e-sports persuasion business successfully persuaded 90% of young people to retire” hit the hot list. After paying attention, the B station anchor “Ink Tea” incident allowed the entire live broadcast and KOL industry to return from a brave and fearless posture to calm thinking and re-examining the path of this business.

Immediately after the Mocha incident, Maizhuo Aerobic released the “Mocha” dream plan for this incident, providing basic equipment and income guarantee for friends who are interested in joining the live broadcasting industry but lack the conditions in life, and take the lead in live broadcasting. The perspective of the union gives practical and direct assistance. Similarly, a live broadcast platform’s “Dream Set Sail” assistance plan for anchors with disabilities is also a platform to help disadvantaged anchors.

In the live broadcast industry, various sessions have devoted themselves to maintaining the live broadcast environment and livelihoods of anchors, and strengthening the help and support for weak live broadcasts. CC Live also announced to join the ranks on the occasion of the Spring Festival, with a set of combo punches including technology, rewards and auxiliary propaganda, so that more anchors can receive more comprehensive and personal help and encouragement in this Spring Festival.

Compound rewarding active mechanism increases the upper limit of platform anchor revenue

The live broadcast of the anchors is still a part of the content consumption economy in essence, and the expectation of income and the parity of wages are definitely major events that determine whether most anchors can continue to develop. For this reason, CC Live has set up many generous reward mechanisms during the Spring Festival to stimulate. On the one hand, it set up a “year-end bonus” anchor bonus system and opened up new income modules to increase the upper limit of the anchor’s expected income. In the reward mechanism of, there are also task-based reward settings such as event PK to obtain additional rewards. The anchor can increase the share and revenue by participating in the activity.

In addition, for the more active anchors, CC Live has launched an active check-in method to promote the active interaction between the anchor and the audience in the Spring Festival New Year animal-themed event. The anchor can actively interact with its fans through their own activity. , Get more rewards. Let the attendees get something, combined with the aforementioned hand tool and the year-end bonus mechanism, can fully maximize their own development and benefits.

Provide targeted technical tools to lower the barriers to getting started for anchors

In this support for the anchor, CC Live specially designed a set of efficiency tools for the anchor to use, in response to the popularity of the anchor during the live broadcast and the needs of individual fans to accumulate. This set of tools, called “Anchor Grab Plug-in”, will be freely available and available to anchors to use, in order to help anchors increase the addition and return of fans, and break the past method of relying on the limited recommended resources of the platform to obtain traffic. Return the initiative to the anchor himself.

This set of tools allows the anchor to reach users who have watched or followed him in the past with one touch, and can invite audience users to return by writing words. The official also provided considerable rewards as a gift for the anchor to invite old fans to return, in order to improve the influence and effectiveness of the tool. This is undoubtedly opening up the opportunity to directly face users to mid- and downstream anchors. At the same time, for the platform, it has also achieved the effect of user return in the process of helping anchors, achieving a real win-win situation.

Online and offline publicity helps expand the influence of the anchor

In addition to the many support policies and mechanisms in the platform, CC Live will also use other high-traffic apps and offline Liedeqiao advertising during the Spring Festival this year, so that more anchors can use this brand advertising method for exposure . In fact, the practice of allowing more anchors and platforms to appear in Spring Festival advertisements was not common before. This move of CC Live allows more anchor faces to enter the vision of more audiences outside the platform and expand its Influence.

It is said that “the anchor comes from the grassroots.” I believe that every anchor has a dream before turning on the computer, putting on headphones, and starting his live broadcast career into the microphone. The brand advertising exposure plan prepared by CC Live during the Spring Festival for the anchors can better catalyze the development of this group of young people with different dreams, help anchors get more attention, and walk out of a better career future.

Judging from the support plan for the anchor during the Spring Festival, the CC anchor handed in a sincere answer. From the support of the underlying technology, to the support of rewards and event mechanisms in the middle and Taiwan, to the external preparations for festivals and large-flow pool drainage, this is from the inside out, from the outside to the inside, it is bound to make more The anchors who are more keen to devote themselves to the live broadcast industry, or have already worked hard in the live broadcast room, can get more growth this Spring Festival. I also look forward to the emergence of more organizations dedicated to supporting the anchor business as a platform and trade union like CC Live.



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