Create movie subtitles using Aegisub, make sub for video on your computer

Create movie subtitles using Aegisub, make sub for video on your computer

Software Aegisub allows users to create subtitles for movies, clips with fully automatic processing. With the addition of Vietnamese subtitles help you solve many common problems with foreign movies. Furthermore, during the editing process, you can use various character decoders, convert files, perform undo operations.

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Aegisub is a popular application for online movie enthusiasts to create subtitles for your movies, with outstanding advantages to help you make beautiful, vivid subtitles and many other support utilities. Here’s a guide to getting you started making your own movie subtitle files.

I created the movie in aegisub

How to create a sub for the movie using Aegisub

After making sub-movies for the movie, you should download VLC or KMP to your computer to enjoy that movie. Inside, VLC is the software that supports watching movies with very good quality.


Download and install the latest version of Aegisub here:

=> Link download Aegisub for Windows

Step 1: Open the application by double-clicking on the Aegisub icon on the Desktop.
Step 2: On the Aegisub interface, you choose Video -> Open Video… on the menu bar and then select the video file you want as subtitles.

Editorial for video

After the software is finished reading, if the display size of the video is too big or too small, you can adjust the visibility arbitrarily by clicking on the magnifying glass as shown below.

I make a film for it

Step 3: Next, you open the audio file containing the audio of the movie you are making subtitles for. Similar to when opening a video file, choose Audio ->Open Audio File then navigate to the movie’s audio file.

I sub for the movie

NOTE: When opening the audio file, select the video file with the previous image again. Then the software will only take the sound

After opening, we will see the following:

Make a sub for the video

Step 4: Now, we start making subtitles. The first thing to do is to define the start and end time of each subtitle line. First, you press the Play button (1) for the video to play. When you reach the segment where the character begins, press Stop (4) to stop and select the Set start of selected subtitles to current video frame button (2) or Ctrl + 3 to set it as the starting point of the subtitles for that line. Then you press the Play button again to play the video to the end of the dialogue, then press the Stop button to stop and select the Set end of selected subtitles to current video frame button (3) or the shortcut Ctrl + 4 to set the end. end the subtitles there.

I sub for the film

After setting the time for the appearance and disappearance of the subtitle line, we should have the following image:

Lam phu de for movies

Step 5: Next, we add dialogue to the time period set above by entering the text in the text box (1) as shown above. After the import is complete, press Enter on your keyboard to end the subtitles. Repeat the above steps to continue creating another subtitle. To edit the subtitle format, click Edit (2). A dialog box appears allowing you to edit the subtitles’ parameters.

Compilation for video

Here you can edit the font, size, color, … for the subtitles. Then click Apply to apply those changes to your subtitles and click OK to close the dialog box.
After completing the subtitles for the movie, you go to file choose Save Subtile as … to save your subtitles. A dialog box appears and allows you to choose where to save and give your subtitles a name.

Filmmaker for film
Above is the guide to use Aegisub to create movie subtitles in the simplest way. You can send it to your friends or share it on forums so that everyone can enjoy the movie with your own branded subtitles.
In addition to Aegisub, you can find many other effective video subtitle support software through the article summarizing the best video subtitle software ElectrodealPro introduced to you.

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