Create a sword style image with Pitu software

Create a sword style image with Pitu software

For those who love swordplay movies, taking pictures of the sword style with Pitu software will bring a lot of fun and personality when they are transformed into characters such as Loneliness, Four Great Beauty, Quan Vu.

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Pitu application is causing fever with filters that allow users to dress up as celebrities. With the characters in the movie “ Three Kingdoms ”, just take a portrait or photo, Pitu will do the rest of the work when turning the owner into characters such as Guan Yu, Cao Cao, Zhang Fei. ..

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Create a sword style image with Pitu software

Before that, the trend of making marshal photos became a trend on the phone quite popular, when they were saved and shared with each other on the social network in a big way. With Pitu application too, according to the youth movement that this application is quite popular with many people. So to create a sword style image like? Please follow the following article offline.

Instructions on how to create a sword style image with Pitu software.

Step 1: Download and install Pitu application to the device

Download Pitu app for iPhone here: Download Pitu for iPhone
Download the Pitu app for Android here: Download Pitu for Android

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Step 2: Starting the application, like other applications, Pitu asks the system for permission to grant access to photos and to send application notifications.


Step 3: At Pitu’s user interface, click Crazy ex-face to start creating a swordplay style photo.

Crazy ex-face interface appears, you will see here appear many editing effects tabs such as Hot, Fre-existence lower, Fuwa … Choose 1 tap stock you like to start trying to create stylish photos. sword hero.

Step 4: Next, the application will again ask the authorization system to allow Pitu to access your location and Camera. You just need to operate as shown below and finish by clicking OK to go to the process of taking pictures.

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Step 5: At the photo taking interface, we can take pictures of friends or self-portraits or get available photos in Album to edit.

After taking a photo or selecting an available photo in Album, the application will automatically capture the face. Lucsn this you just need to select your face as the effect you just selected will be applied immediately to that face.

Step 6: If you feel the effect is not like you, you can also choose for yourself other effects to change.

With blue arrow effects next to it, you just need to click lightly and it can be downloaded to your computer and start creating a sword style image.

Step 7: After you have applied the antique effect to your photos, you click the arrow icon in the upper right corner of the application and then click the Save button to save the photo.

Picture 8: The next interface of the application, if you want to further edit the image can press Edit or Makeup.

Here you can add richness to your photos with Stickers, text or picture frames …

In addition to saving photos, you can also share photos directly to Facebook, mail or other social networks

So with the above instructions, you can easily create a communion-style image through the Pitu application. In addition, in order not to worry about running out of battery when using Pitu, you can use Pitu on your computer, refer how to use Pitu on a computer that ElectrodealPro instructed
With Pitu in addition to creating pictures, you can create a sword style Facebook avatar with Pitu again, if you are interested, see how to create facebook avatar with Pitu here


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