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Crazy Starts can be punished for sensitive content and sexual harassment!

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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is a Korean drama about the love story between nursing, Moon Gang Tae and writer Ko Moon Young. The film has created waves in Korea as well as around the world when successively reaching the top 1 Netflix trending in many countries.

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However, the film has been judged by the Broadcasting Standards Committee’s Broadcasting Committee and will likely be fined because it contains erotic scenes, sensitive content and involves sexual harassment.

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During a meeting of the Broadcasting Committee of the Korea Communications Standards Committee, it was suggested to severely punish TVN’s “ Crazy Staring ” because the film contains hot scenes with harassment. sexual disturbance, in particular the female lead voluntarily acts inconsistent with sensitive parts of the main male.

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The Korea Communications Standards Commission’s radio processing committee said: The broadcasting of sexually sensitive and sexual content with non-sexual objects representing the genitals and justification for sexual harassment has shown a lack of sexual sensitivity. of the crew. This has a great effect on teenagers.

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On the part of the audience, most people think that these scenes are very normal and the crew just want to bring entertainment moments to the audience when watching the movie.

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And you, what do you think about these scenes?


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