CPAC Executive Board: Biden's energy policy "dangerous and harmful to the economy"

CPAC Executive Board: Biden’s energy policy “dangerous and harmful to the economy”

The group of former politicians and incumbents at the Right-Wing Political Action Conference (CPAC) argues that the Biden administration’s focus on alternative energy sources such as wind and solar – despite There are still a lot of fossil fuels – which will affect the energy industry in particular and the US economy in general.

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At the CPAC Conference on February 27, former Republican Rep. Bob Beauprez (Colorado) said that there are more and more ways to exploit fossil fuels in a safer, cleaner and better way. He stressed the Biden administration’s energy policy “Downright crazy while we are blessed with this abundant energy.”

At the workshop ‘Flip the switch: Biden’s energy policy goes dark’Rep. Bob Beauprez said: “That is what keeps the economy growing. If you stop this [khai thác năng lượng hóa thạch]There is not only a risk of the energy supply but also the security of the nation. “

Also in this workshop, Rep. Mike Kelly (Pennsylvania) said that the abundant energy source not only helps the country to be independent in the energy sector, but also becomes “The largest energy exporter in the world”. And this will help America build stronger, global relationships.

According to the Institute of Energy Research, in 2019, the United States became energy independent since 1957. U.S. energy production for that year was higher than U.S. energy consumption for the first time in 62 year. According to the institute’s data, the total US energy production increased by 5.7% in 2019, while the US energy demand decreased by 0.9%.

But Mr. Biden’s recent order poses many risks of US energy dependence.

One seminar panel speaker, Senator Cynthia Lummis said, half of the state Wyoming her is on federal land, like many other states in the country. These states will be affected after Mr. Biden signed a 60-day ban on new oil or natural gas lease contracts and federal oil field drilling permits.

Congressman Beauprez also said that this order of Mr. Biden is not only “dangerous” but he lacks understanding when he believes that clean energy can reliably replace what the oil and gas industry has achieved. Mr. Biden is wrong when “Deceived [ngành dầu khí] aside to go the other way and hope all goes well. ”

He said: “We have an abundant supply of energy; now we have the technology to make it safer, cleaner than humanity has ever been able to do for so long. ”

“I have a wind turbine on my farm, it works really well… but I always make sure that propane is there. This energy is 100% renewable, but one day we will be in the exact same situation as Texas. In the critical times we need it, we don’t have any usable energy or stored energy. “

The speakers also discussed the economic impacts of Mr. Biden’s climate and energy policy agenda. If you limit energy options and sources, such as focusing on wind and solar, it will push prices up because there is no competition, said Congressman Beauprez.

According to Congressman Kelly, residents easily affected by things like rising electricity prices are low-income earners.

He commented: “The idea that all this in some way becomes an advantage to them is ridiculous. If you live in the countryside, this is really crazy. Why do we harm the hardest working Americans through this stupid agenda and tell them it will somehow work in the future. I also want to suggest to those who have never lived there, not to teach them how to live. “

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